Gay Couple Kicked Out of Pool; Only Say Marriage Equality, Not Same-Sex Marriage

Announcer: Welcome back to The David Pakman Show. David: Welcome back to The David Pakman Show. A lot happening behind the scenes here. I’m so tempted to explain what’s going on, but I think we’ll have to save it for now. Make sure you are a David Pakman Show member. We’re giving away the iPad […]

Dave Allen on Holidays and Holiday resorts

thank you thank you very much and good evening we are fast approaching a period of the year when the holiday brochures will be dropping into your house by the bad fall have you ever listened to them come in sounds exactly like cow shitting through your letterbox buescher's they're always the same oh they […]

Agree On These 4 Things And Your Marriage Will Improve!

Richard's in Arizona do you have any tips on getting my significant other on board we've been together for about ten years and for the past four years I've been making good money but nothing to show for it all she wants to do is take vacations and go out to eat Richard you're probably […]

How To Combine Finances After Marriage?

Jennifer is with us in Denver hi Jennifer how are you I'm good thank you for taking my call sure what's up um I was wondering when people get married what do they do with their finances how do they just suddenly combine everything yes baby shouldn't like split everything right down the middle no […]

SCOTUS same-sex wedding cake decision: How both sides say they got here today

Bladder-bustingly funny extract from father of the bride speech by David Hemsworth

[Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] in the ribs [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]

Fiancée Has Family Drama

Dylan is with us in Indianapolis hi Dylan how are you I'm doing great Dave thank you so much for taking my call sure what's up um well a quick little background for you I'm 23 and I live with my fiancee here in Indy we are in baby step 2 and looking to pay […]

Fiancée Wants To Go Into Debt!

thank you for joining us America we're glad you're here josh is with us in Fort Wayne Indiana Josh welcome to Dave Ramsey show better than I deserve how can I help I can't hear you you need to talk directly into your phone please can you hear me better now yes sir thank you […]

Shack Up Vs. Marriage – Dave Ramsey Rant

you know occasionally I catch crap from you people when some of you listen the listening audience when I address someone who's shacking up versus being married and you think that I'm just being overly bible-thumping or Christian or something like that that could be true I can be accused of those things and that's […]