Weekly Vlog 29 – New Vinyl Day & We Got Our Disney And Horror Nights Tickets

hey guys what's up welcome to another weekly vlog and I have struggled today it has been so hot and all my friends and in Florida people often when would tell them the temperature but we really are not used to this and so as soon as I walked through the door I just literally […]

How to Host a Unique Baby Shower| Games|Food|Decor|Tips & Ideas

hi everyone its Melanie from living luxuriously for less and today I am back with a video on how to host a unique baby shower and in this video I will share several tips and ideas when planning a baby shower or any event you want to start with the theme for this one it […]


hi loves and welcome to this baby shower vlog so this is how I started off my sister's house with an empty slate and Here I am beginning to decorate for my daughter's baby shower this was my first baby shower you guys so I really didn't know what to do or how to do […]



hello lovely humans and welcome back to my channel if you are watching this on youtube if you are watching this on Facebook or in wedding tricks thank you so much for stopping by today I am doing something I have wanted to do since before I started doing YouTube and that is my very […]

A Cherry Blossom-Inspired Wedding in Virginia | Martha Stewart Weddings

Tissue Paper Balls | Baby Shower On A Budget Mini Series

hey guys in today's video we're going to show you how to make homemade tissue paper balls which are very similar to the ones you can get up Michaels except these ones cost about six dollars in total we're the ones that Michaels cost about twenty one dollars they're made of the exact same materials […]

UPDATED HOUSE TOUR!! 2019 Home Renovations

we are doing an updated house tour because last time we did it was about a year ago we had just moved in and Annie couldn't walk yet she was only what six months older so yeah that time so this is the house tour 2019 Annie you want to show them your house Wow […]


hey guys what's up welcome to my channel so today's video is going to be a much different as you can tell than my normal videos I'm so excited because after about a year and a half of promising you guys my house tour is here so I'll make this intro really quick so we […]

A zulu Traditional wedding ­­– OPW | Mzansi Magic

and it's wedding day – which means it is the traditional wedding I'm Sanjay diesel anima poonacha occasion and MV me I'm so many levels Obama knock on Apella sub I'm gonna pour 200 ping delay as the original mum saw me cause of Amanda Yvonne event particular in numbers but colorfully money in the […]