The Unexpected Beauty Of A Mormon Wedding | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

This is Melissa and this is Sergio. They’re Mormon. Mormon is a nickname for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Marriage and family are important because they believe family can be together forever in the afterlife. An important part of creating an Eternal Family is getting married in a temple. […]

We Are The Adventure | Crazy Iceland Wedding

(upbeat music) (laughing) – Nah you made the cut. – Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot. Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot. – [Man] Cheers guys. (cheering) – [Woman] Cheers. (heavy electronic music) (gentle guitar music) – Hey Sam, homie, babe, bro. I’m so thankful I was able to drag myself out of bed today. Specifically four […]

OUR WEDDING | Nuestra Boda | Holly + Ben

I believe we met through some divine magic I won tickets to a concert I went to meet her at the radio station that was the first time I saw her… The day that I fell for Ben… the day that everything really started was at an Armin Van Buuren concert I’d met him one […]

We Tried Amazon Wedding Outfits For Under $100

– Filming right now, ready, go! Boom, boom, boom! Wait, nope that was the wrong one. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m drunk, I’m really drunk, okay. (laughs) (upbeat music) – We’re going to our friend Macy’s wedding. Macy, she’s a boss (beep) at Buzzfeed. She’s getting married in Colombia. – I don’t have time to […]

Dream Wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

Ihre Traumhochzeit the ritz-carlton, bali die majestätische Kapelle mit dem Indischen Ozean als Kulisse Himmelhochzeit

I’M YOURS ♡ Gay Wedding Movie • Lake Garda, Italy

Normally the tradition at Irish weddings is to start by complimenting the bridesmaids Clearly, this was never going to be an easy speech. Today I married my best friend, my travel companion, my life guru and the person I look up to the most. And I’m incredibly excited to see where life takes us. Because […]

CAMP WEDDING – Official Trailer

You booked a summer camp on Airbnb? And we’re their first wedding It’s so dilapidated… All this is supposed to be accomplished today? we’re gonna have so much fun What happened to the chair rental? None of the other cabins are done? No Very big day tomorrow THE big day, Boo It’s your last night […]

Sydney, Australia wedding video | ALL THE FEELS! – destination wedding video at Botanic Gardens

Deeper than its roots, taller than its leaves, my love for you will always be. Stronger than its core, longer than its time. I will be, always thine. On behalf of Rich and Lexie, I want to welcome you to Sydney, Rich and Lexie’s home for the past year. On their first day in Australia, […]

What Combining A Persian And Irish Wedding Looks Like | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

This is Kelly; she’s Irish. This is Rambod; he’s Persian. In 36 hours they will get married in San Diego, where we’ll see a bedazzled bridal table, dance with a wild Irishman, and watch a knife dance where Rum showers his sister with cash. Chica-chica-chick! Ay, ay, ay! Ah-chick! Ay! Ah-chick! Ay! Ah-chick! Ay! There […]

The Wedding Vlog | WE GOT MARRIED!!

Today’s the Day! This vlog, we are actually dedicating to our future kids. To you guys, to the little ones, if you’re a little boy or a little girl. Hey little Timmy! We actually don’t know yet. Little Johnny! (laughter) But today is the big day! It is the fifth of july 2017 and it […]