Signature 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring – Hearts On Fire Melbourne

Look at this Hearts on Fire Signature three-stone diamond engagement ring. Three perfectly cut Hearts on Fire diamonds sit in beautiful rose gold. From this angle, we can just see the claws in the rose gold, but you’ll notice how they’ve got a beautiful, elegant shape to them. It really suits the overall elegance of […]

Delight Lady Di Engagement Ring | Hearts On Fire Melbourne

Now, let’s have a closer look at the Delight Lady Di ring by Hearts on Fire. The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is how much it sparkles. It’s so bright and it has all seven colours of the rainbow that come out of it. The reason for that is because the diamond’s perfectly cut, […]

Diamond Engagement Ring Scams, Rip Offs and Mistakes. Don’t Get Cheated Shopping Buying Tutorial Tip

In this video we will go over the Top Ways Jewelry Stores Trick you into buying lesser quality diamonds and engagement rings. So you don’t get ripped off. Where is the Cut Grade? Everybody learns about the four C’s when buying diamonds. Carat is the most important “C” because carat increases the price the most. […]

Transcend Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring – Hearts On Fire Melbourne

One of our most popular diamond engagement rings is this one by Hearts on Fire. It’s the Transcend round halo engagement ring. Really beautiful. Feature diamond in the middle surrounded by small, perfectly cut Hearts on Fire diamonds at the side, which continue on down each shoulder. Now, you’ll notice there’s a lovely feature here […]

Engagement Ring Diamond Size Comparison How to Buy 1 Carat on Finger Hand 2 1/2 3/4 .5 Ct Best Cheap

In this video we will go over how to shop for diamonds so you don’t get ripped off by Jewelry Stores and also give you tips and tricks so you can get High Quality Diamonds for a low cost all the while teaching you the four C’s of diamonds. This Diamond is from a Jewelry […]

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring? (According to Women)

Hey everybody, this is Stefanie O’Connell from and I have a great group of women with me here today talking about money and why we make certain decisions, and why sometimes we don’t, and where we disagree. You probably all read my engagement story. If you didn’t, I gave back my ring, because priorities/values. […]

The Untold Truth Of Your Engagement Ring

Single ladies everywhere have grown up dreaming of the day when someone would like it enough to put a ring on it. But have you ever wondered just how and why the tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring started? “Holy s—! Is that real?” You may be surprised when you learn the untold truth […]

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