DIY Waste Glass Bottle Decoration / Boho Bottle Decoration / DIY Craft Ideas #2 | Dhara Patel

Hello everyone, I am Dhara Welcome to my channel First thing first, If you don’t understand Hindi Please turn on Closed Caption for English subtitle so today I will make bottle decoration again I love bohemian decor now a days So this time. I will decorate with bohemian style Let’s Start the video To make […]

5 WINTER Fashion DIY For NEW YEAR | #Teenagers #Party #Styling #Anaysa #DIYQueen sweater new sweater!!! nice sweater Wow…again new sweater she repeated last year’s sweater what happened to you? we don’t have much salary…so that we buy new sweater every year I’ve seen this sweater in Zara what’s your salary..wear branded sweater every next day he pay me that much salary as much as he has […]

Decoratiune Cana |DIY Cup Decoration With String

Welcome to M & Craft. If you like what I do SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and activate the bell. Thank you and enjoy watching! I use a coffee mug that I wrap in the twine. I twisted the string into three. I’ll start with the braided twine, after which I will contain 1 single thread. I use […]

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DIY Room Decor – DIY Christmas Wreath for Home Decoration | Winter Crafts | Christmas Decorations

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich DIY Christmas Wreath for Home Decoration Things You Need… Color Paper, Woollen, Cardboard, Scissors, Thread, Pencil Silk Cloth, Green Tape, Adhesive, Thermocol, Quilling Stripes Take a circular cardboard and wrap different color woollen threads around it. Ensure that you wrap only one fourth portion of the cardboard with woollen threads. Take […]

4 Amazing NAVRATRI DIYs for Teenagers | #Dandiya #Decoration #Garba #Fashion #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Leave this chasmish… Hi Hi Hi Pooja Hi! he is my boyfriend How much she is thinking of her-self carrying this party ki jaan, bag and dandiya sticks Omg! having slippers too That’s why showing such attiyude Now for making all these things…leave everything up to me You just hit 1,00,000 likes and subscribe Diy […]

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CHRISTMAS PARTY DIY Decoration Ideas … | #WallDecor #Affordable #Anaysa #DIYQueen

so let’s Christmas preparations with the making of this snowman for which we need all these stuffs I found thermocol of this shape so easily in the market or you can also make it by joining two balls like this cover this thermocol with this silver lace make its cap and muffler with the red […]

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