A Couple’s Garage Becomes Their Chic New Home

(upbeat guitar music) – If you asked me if I thought that we would end up in a tiny home or in a small space, I’d say probably not. – When we first intended to move into a garage we thought our neighbors would think we were crazy. But, instead, people love it. If anything, […]

30 Last-Minute COUPLE Halloween Costume Ideas! DIY Costumes!

Hey guys, it’s Chloe, and I’m back at you with another, Cloetober videoooooooo-ho-ho-yo-yo Oh-ho-ho-ho last week I uploaded 30 last minute group Halloween Costumes. *scooby doo music* I’ll have that linked below if you guys want to watch it. Along with all my other Halloween videos. But today We are doing 30 couple Halloween Costumes. […]

14 Valentine’s Day Couple Pranks / Prank Wars!

A heart with larvae, gifts with tricks, romantic jeans and other pranks made with love! Check them out in our new Valentine’s Day special video! It’s Valentine’s Day! And Stevie made a present for his special lady! Guess which hand! Come on, Stevie! Dolly can totally see what kind of gift her boyfriend has for […]

I Made Over The Tiniest Apartment Ever For One Lucky Couple

okay oh shoot I’m sorry my lipstick I know this is rolling but I’m shooting by myself so I have to do this ah crusty I’m Ashley and I think that all the cool stuff you see online doesn’t have to stay online I’m gonna bring one strangers digital style to life by giving their […]

Katie Lee Shows 4 Easy Wedding Planning Tips (inspired by her wedding in Italy)

Okay. So now we’re going to take some of the favorite moments, these are things that are based on thing you enjoyed about your own wedding, right? Yes, so all the inspiration for this today came from my wedding. We had a welcome bag, so since it was a destination wedding I wanted to do […]


VLOG! My Sister's Big Fat Indian WEDDING!!! | Deepica Mutyala

we are at sorry palace and artesia talking about what money is going to air and she's looking at the stuff that they have in their collection right now this is hero right now she's telling you on my outfit I'm not making it about me I swear money's over there living her best life […]

Oh Baby, Baby! Great marriage screen creations for your love! Hacks Make Your Life Easier and More

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

Play Doh Dresses Bridesmaid Disney Princess Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle, Mulan VS Barbie Dolls