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The DollMaker A YouTub3Family production Watch for the clues

Barbie – Wedding Day Disaster | Ep.1

Barbie – Wedding Day Disaster What a beautiful day Sun’s shining Good company… Things can’t get much better Sure it’s a nice day, but maybe I can make things a little bit better Impossible! How could you do that? We’ll you see Barbie, you are very, very special to me You light up my life […]

Couple Live With 200 Plastic ‘Children’ | TRULY

Madeleine: You know most people are probably a little bit taken aback about the dolls. Such a good little plastic cook. I’m not shy about showing people especially when I get that dreaded question about what do you do for fun? Well let me show you what I do for fun. Mike: It was overwhelming. […]

Stories With Dolls Barbie Kids Video For Kids Midge Get Married to Ken Doll Jack Kids Toys and Dolls

Now where did I put you or you under my covers? No B. You’re not okay? Oh here is oh? Hey, Jack, you will go on a picnic with me sure Sounds a wonderful Can’t wait to see Jack Let’s buckle up and go go go Hey Jack hey Midge here I come Hey Jack […]

Play Doh Dresses Bridesmaid Disney Princess Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle, Mulan VS Barbie Dolls

Play Doh Bridesmaid Dresses Disney Princess Ariel, Tiana, Mulan,Rapunzel, Belle VS Barbie Dolls

Play Doh Wedding Barbie & Ken, Disney Princess Ariel, Belle Tiana Aurora Rapunzel as Bridesmaids

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Play Doh Dresses Bridesmaids for Disney Princesses and My Life As Dolls

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Play Doh Bridesmaids Dresses Disney Princess Toys Ariel, Ladybug, Barbie, Mal and WINX Club Dolls

TROLLS 🍼The TWINS are BORN during the BABY SHOWER! 🍼 – Fantastic Toys

Oh papi you kicked me out of the bed but the pregnancy has made you gain weight and even the slightest movement kicks me out of course not my love I like to sleep on the carpet because it's so soft do you hear those noises I'm sure it's true sometimes I forget our lives […]