How To Move On After Divorce

I’m glad that you’re here and I’m sorry that you’re here. Divorce is one of the hardest things that you can go through. How do you move on after a divorce? That’s what we’re talking about today at Live On Purpose TV. Probably one of the most stressful things that a human being can go […]

5 Ways To Heal A Marriage After Emotional Abuse

Unfortunately abuse happens and sometimes that’s emotional abuse within a marriage. I’ve got 5 ways that you can heal a marriage after emotional abuse. Stay tuned. Unfortunately, the abuse happens. We hurt each other. I love the way Desmond Tutu put this. He said, we are all broken and from that brokenness, we hurt each […]

How To Save A Marriage With Trust Issues

This is a really common issue and I get the question all the time. How do you save a marriage with trust issues? I’ve got some powerful points for you. At the end of this video, you’re going to know what to do. Well, let’s start out with a little discussion about trust. It’s one […]

What To Do When Spouse Wants A Divorce?

If you just found this video, you might be worried about what to do when your spouse wants a divorce? I’ve got some ideas for you. It’s often one of the most devastating things that you can actually hear that your spouse wants a divorce. What’s up with that? I didn’t see this coming. Ugh! […]

How Can I Improve My Married Life?

Full disclosure: I get to be very vulnerable today because I haven’t done a topic like this with her. How do you improve your married life? Vicki, you get to help out with this one today. -Uh-huh. -Because I’m always spouting off about these 9 principles. -Mm-hmm. -Let’s go there first, could we do that? […]

5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

You want to improve your relationship? There are 5 things that you should never say to your spouse. My editor tells me that you should never use the word never. And you should always avoid the word always. And I still use them occasionally. But this is the top of the list for me. When […]

What Destroys A Marriage?

What is it that destroys a marriage? Larry Bilotta is a relationship mechanic and he’s here with me today on Live on Purpose TV. Folks, I’ve got Larry Bilotta with me today. Larry was a guest on my podcast Live on Purpose radio and I found you Larry because of the amazing work that you’re […]

How To Communicate With Your Spouse

With everything that can go wrong in communication, it’s amazing that we can communicate in the first place. How to communicate with your spouse? Let’s learn about that today. Communication probably one of the first things that comes up when I meet with a couple.You know what it’s amazing that we can communicate in the […]

How To Stop Divorce And Save Your Marriage

Sometimes divorce just happens even though you didn’t intend it but today, how to stop divorce and save your marriage? Folks, we’re back with Larry Bilotta, who’s been on another episode here talking about what destroys a marriage. Today, as we get into… alright, how do I stop a divorce and save my marriage? Larry, […]

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Spouse

We’ve had some requests here on the channel to do a video about how to deal with the loss of a spouse. I brought someone in who knows something about that. This is Brian Wilson. He’s one of our Live On Purpose coaches. Brian, this is a tough topic. -Yes. -And thank you for being […]