Waiting For Spring (春待つ僕ら) (2018) – Anniversary

The cold winter has passed Today is anniversary Sad things too, I will remember them That’s why today I want to laugh and laugh Multicolored colorful flower Holding it while entering the party Humming song happily ulala Let’s enjoy this day, c’mon What should we say it in a word? There is a perfect word […]

Thoughts of men and women on anniversaries | Love Playlist | Season2 – EP.05 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Happy 100th day anniversary! 7 days left until our 100th day anniversary. Hyun-seung, our 100th day anniversary is coming. Love Playlist Season 5 Ep5 Ji-won’s Story I wanna talk to you carefully. I’ll take courage. Can I love Yoo-jeong from today? It’s the first time I fell in love with someone. I don’t wanna lose […]

Unknown Woman | 이름없는 여자 – Ep.71 [ENG/2017.08.10]

Dad’s marriage record? Spouse Choi Mihui… Choi Mihui? The Choi Mihui that dad was looking for was his ex-wife? (Episode 71) Wait a minute. What is it? That can’t be why… Jiwon is obsessed with Bom, is it? No way. If that’s what it is, I won’t forgive Jiwon or Haeju! Maya, are you angry? […]

TROS kids gathered to celebrate 6TH ANNIVERSARY! [The Return of Superman/2019.11.15]

The Return of Superman’s sixth-anniversary special. With one heart, they’ll make a special 2020 calendar. (Let’s take nice photos together.) (We’re going to do a good job too!) (It’ll be full of happiness.) You never know where the kids will run off to during the hectic calendar photoshoot. (The Return of Superman’s 2020 calendar shoot […]

Catherine Paiz & Austin McBroom | Their Secret Exes!! | The Ace Family

the ace family is made up of Austin McBroom his fiancee Katherine piya’s and their adorable children Ellen Alea last time I did a video on Katherine you guys said I pronounced her last name wrong so I hope I got it right this time it seems like every time I check the ace family’s […]

But ended up having a family! [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.11.20]

Good morning daddy. – What did he say? / – “Good morning daddy”? Do you want coffee? (First childcare service abroad?) Did they go abroad? Hello I am Jambor Zoltan Paul I am a father of five kids. Are they visiting a foreigner’s house? I am currently an English professor. (A professor at Korea University […]

The Engagement Ring

Wait! Let me explain What happened to your shorts? Bro, my shorts! I was crossing the woods, the tripped on some ivy and got hooked by a thorn. Then the thorn just ripped my shorts Anyway, I don’t mind Hello When will you be home? I’ve just arrived Ok, am coming. Ok Hey, just chill. […]

Best Arrangement EP14 最好的安排 – Youth inspirational drama (Yinger, Fu Xinbo, David Wang )【Fresh Drama】

Your ex-wife came back and dumped Zhao Zihui. That’s OK. You moved back in and asked Zhao Zihui to come back and clean your room. You bastard! What’s the matter with that? Do you have face? Zhao Zihui is willing to do it. She asked you to come. That means you’re willing too. Well, since […]

Dad, fire that chump right away. [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.11.15]

Don’t you know negligence that leads to bodily harm is a criminal offense? You can also be charged for obstruction of… Who do you think you are to lecture me? What is it? What’s wrong? What happened? Why did you send a chump like him? Do you know how humiliated I was because of him? […]