Ep. 104 Activists on the Atlantic and Eel-ectrifying Festive Decorations | Twig Science Reporter

On this week’s news update– Young climate activists sail the Atlantic– New protections for the seafloor– And some eel-ectrifying festive decorations! First up– These young activists spent two months sailing from the Netherlands to Martinique– an island in the Caribbean. It’s a journey that takes just one day by plane but the activists chose to […]

BA (Hons) Decorative Arts

Well I knew that I like to make things, so that was something that was always really kind of keen on, but wasn’t quite sure what to make, so I was looking for a multidisciplinary course in craft, and NTU was just by far the best. The facilities were just one of the kind of […]

75th Anniversary of D-Day Electronic Field Trip

[music] Michael: June 6th, 1944, the day that changed the war in the war that changed the world. It was the day of the long-awaited invasion of Northwest Europe by Allied Forces. Years of planning a direct attack on Germany’s fortress Europe was finally executed on the beaches of Normandy France by American, British, and […]

Decoupage on glass tutorial – DIY. Gilding technique. Decoration of vase by golden foiles.

Clean and degrease glass before decoupage. Attach a masking tape inside of the vase. Cut out a motive of the rice paper. Apply decoupage glue inside of the vase. Put the rice paper and smooth it. Apply glue immediately onto the rice paper. After drying apply the acrylic varnish. Cut out a template from paper […]

Steven Green – The Tension Between Marriage Equality and Religious Liberty

Bugyis: On behalf of Sarah Hampson and Tom Cobb, my co-organizers for this speaker series I want to welcome you to University Washington Tacoma. And this event which is co-sponsored by Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs. Which is one of the divisions within the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences As well as the University […]

The Try Guys 4-Year Anniversary Challenge

-Happy anniversary! -Four years ago, today, the very first Try Guys video came out. -Can you believe that all of this started with us putting on thongs? -Yes. -It has been a crazy four years and we thought we’d take this moment to reflect, and have some fun looking back at some of our old […]

What Exactly is the Decorative Arts? | ARTiculations

What exactly is the ‘decorative arts?’ Is it art made for decoration? Like things that decorate the walls of your house? Well, not exactly. Because a painting can decorate the walls of your house but painting are usually considered fine art. In general, the decorative arts is defined as “the design and aesthetics of functional […]

Teach For America: 25th Anniversary Main Event — TFA Founder Wendy Kopp

– [Voiceover] The amazing Wendy Kopp! (upbeat jazz music) (cheering crowd) – Thank you. In 1990, during the first Summer Institute, our charter core members gathered each morning at six a.m. in USC’s parking lot for bagels and Mexican pastries. Few of us imagined then that 25 years later we would be here today celebrating […]

Six-Day War: 50th Anniversary with Ziad Asali | VIEWPOINT

Ziad: The only thing that we are missing is a state. So, tell us dear world, why don’t we have a state? That was the idea. Danielle: Dr. Ziad Asali I’m so delighted to welcome you… Ziad: My pleasure. Danielle: …to AEI for this conversation about the 50th Anniversary of the Six-Day War. You are […]

How to apply to the University of Sydney

Welcome to the University of Sydney. Applying to study here as an international student or domestic graduate is easy through our online process. This video describes the documentation required, the form you’ll submit, and the next steps before you hear back from us. If you’re applying for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Coursework degree, check your […]