Power Rangers Lost Galaxy – First Morph and Battle | Episode 2 | 20th Anniversary

(triumphant music) (electric zapping) (saber whooshing) What! The Quasar Sabers are more powerful than I thought! (sabers whooshing) (triumphant music) (electric zapping) (triumphant music) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) Urgh! What in the galaxy is this? Hiya! Hiya! Hiya! Interesting. Wow! This is unbelievable, yeah! I’ve never felt such power! […]

No Marriage – ProjectXwhy (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I saw you at the dancing school You were a pretty girl I think I can now say to you It was surely love at first sight! You took me in your arms and then we danced a little bit It doesn’t matter that you have trample on my feet But I feel deep inside […]

VISITING RIMAC! C_Two Factory Tour with Mate Rimac

hi guys I'm sure me hello and welcome back to the channel where today you join me at the home of remac I'm just outside Zagreb in Croatia and today we're going to be going for a complete factory tour a full visit with none other than company founder Marte Rimac himself we're gonna be […]

EBR-I Tour

welcome to EB r1 or experimental breeder reactor 1 this was the first reactor built at what was in the nineteen forty nine time frame known as the National reactor testing station today it's the idaho national laboratory EBR one was the first of 52 reactors built at the lab it was the first to […]

Hyundai Kona-EV charging from Tesla AC destination charger

everyone you would test at home thanks so much for joining us on Ludacris feed this morning I'm at the hills flower market in Terry Hills on Mona Bell Road we are with Malcolm's home like owner AV once more and we're going to demonstrate that you can charge using a Tesla destination charger for […]

La fiancée de Chucky. Call me. Blondie. Chanson Film

Wedding "Wobble"

Ding Dong – Holiday [Official Video]