Another Wedding | 또 한번의 웨딩 [2012 Drama Special / ENG / 2012.12.23]

One, two… (5 years ago) Hello, it’s me. Hagyeong’s coming with me. Also, everything she brought here comes with her, too. Mother-in-law? How could you still call me “mother-in-law”? Why? How could you ask me why? Mom, stop it. This is for the best. – Move the desk, too? / – Yes. Well, you two […]

Why Marriage and Family Matter- Everywhere in the World

Last November I had the privilege of being invited, along with President Henry B. Eyring and Bishop Gerald Causse, to attend a colloquium on marriage and family at the Vatican, in Rome. In attendance were religious representatives from 14 different faiths, from six of the seven continents, all who had been invited to express their […]

eng)우리가 결혼하게된 계기(The Motivation We Got Married)

I’m curious about the motivation of your marriage. To tell you that story, We have to be back in time. The starting point that we started Broadcasting The very first time, you know! Like there were only 10 to 20 subscribers. That period was the most difficult period to us. Because boiler wasn’t working. So […]

Why Marriage, Why Family

Above the Great West Door of the renowned Westminster Abbey in London, England, stand the statues of 10 Christian martyrs of the 20th century. Included among them is Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a brilliant German theologian born in 1906. Bonhoeffer became a vocal critic of the Nazi dictatorship and its treatment of Jews and others. He was […]

They’re like an old married couple. AWW [Hyena On the Keyboard/ 2018.04.04]

They really went on a trip. This is bad. Why? Do I seem like I’m going back? You’re right. I am. I didn’t microwave my sandwich. Yeah? Just put it under your armpit. This is nuts… Here they go again. It should be pretty warm when we arrive. It’ll be fine if you heat it […]

Junmu throws a surprise baby shower for his pregnant wife, Kahi![The Return of Superman/2018.07.29]