everyone welcome back as promised today's video is going to be all about the entire wedding-dress shopping experience I think it's really fitting because it's one of those things that you dream about your whole life like what dress are you gonna be wearing I can't wait to go shopping I wonder what that's gonna […]

Belated Media: Bridesmaids Movie Review

God things suck for bridesmaids this isn't me being mean this is me being realistic bridesmaid comes out in between four and Pirates of the Caribbean and the week after is the hangover part – that's a tough time for a full female cast a lot of boys and boys are dicks when it comes […]

Fiancée Vs Fiancé!

[Applause] hello I'm here with I don't know why I was I what we playin Just Cause 3 and I figured I don't know what who you know we ask you questions actually see whichever what you know my favorite carbon our pcs have Nenita soon answer but I don't know it's the answer you'd […]

AMAZON WEDDING HAUL | Gifts & Wedding Day Necessities

hey guys thank you for watching today's video so it's currently wedding week so I'm not wearing makeup because I wanted to just give my skin the break all week and I think that will help it be extra glowy for the wedding day so that's lengthener makeup in today's video and I'm in my […]

tWitch Creates Incredible Marriage Proposal Flash Mob Dance

We're Getting Married PRANK on Girlfriend! GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!

hey guys how's it going first off I want to let you know that I have just released a brand new song I'll pop the link to the music video in the description below definitely check it out and let me know what you think now on with the prank so the other day Kate […]