Mack & Abby at Legacy Farms / Wedding Preview

This romance began as a typical high school romance The football player, the cheerleader And as is always the case he liked her first She couldn’t stand him at first When they were getting together, I remember thinking “Wow MacK is really shooting out of his range” But he was persistent And then One Friday […]

The GREATEST Wedding Proposal EVER!!!

After being together for a thousand nights,… …vincent decided to propose to his girlfriend… …in a unique way. Unaware of what’s in store… …she was lured to the cinema where she saw a very special trailer. In which fact met fiction, and fiction became fact. This is a story about him. And yes he rides […]

Zola | Easiest and Most Helpful Wedding Registry | How It Works

Now that you’re engaged [engagement ring sparkles] Let the planning begin! [happy engaged couple shows off her ring] Zola makes it easy to register for tons of gifts [Scanner gun buzzes] Not like that [Scanner gun drops into trash can] [Mobile phone appears with Zola’s online store] Think things like What you need [Several traditional […]

Making My Wedding Dress! (Part 1)

– Guess who’s getting married!? (wedding song music) (chilled house music) I am getting married, rather too soon for my liking, and I have not got a dress yet, because for quite a few years I have thought, if I get married, then I wanna make my own wedding dress. And I just couldn’t find […]

We Bought EVERYTHING On Their Wedding Registry!

My Ex WENT BERSERK At My Wedding. I Had To Call The Police

Hello to all! My name is Frank and I’m nineteen years old. I want to tell you a story about… girls. Or, more preciseley, about my two girlfriends. And please, trust me, I’m not showing off at all, if you’ve already started to think that! I’ve only had these two girlfriends my whole life, but […]

WEDDING PLANNING: Color Scheme, Flowers, Cake & More | Lucie Fink

hey everyone firstly I apologize if you do hear drilling outside I live in New York welcome back to my youtube channel if you’re new here be sure to click right here and subscribe I have 100,000 subscribers and you see that little plaque up there? yeah, that’s my reward from YouTube! I’d like to […]

Hoda Kotb Says Her Wedding Will Be ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’ | TODAY

Jennifer Lopez Fangirled over Her ‘Fixer Upper’ Anniversary Present

You know what, let me give you a gift first. A gift? Yeah, because you and A-Rod just celebrated your two year anniversary. We did. Congratulations. Well let’s just bring out the gift. I’ll explain. Oh god. Is someone going to pop out? What’s happening. This is a clock. And it’s basically to remind him […]

WEDDING PLANNING Updates! | Venue, Date, Registry + GIFT HAUL

hey guys welcome to my apartment I decided to pick up my camera and record this video for you guys because I just owe it to you I feel like I haven’t had a chance to just talk one-on-one to the camera and tell you what’s going on. okay I got engaged in April, it’s […]