ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2019 “Family Is Forever” (With Eng Subs)

Let us look back at some of our memorable Christmases together from the past 65 years. ♪♪ Through the years ♪ Through the smiles and tears ♪ We’re always there for each other ♪ We made it together ♪ Forever, forever Family is Forever ♪ We are one in God and in love ♪ With […]

Överraskade! Följ familjen från morgon till kväll VLOGG

– Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning, buddy. It’s incredible that Harry is already awake. We usually have to drag him out of bed at 6:30 AM. There is a first time for everything. I’m making sandwiches to eat in the car. This is our morning routine, we are all tired in the mornings. […]

Irv Gotti Clears Up Rumors

– (upbeat pop music) – Please welcome my special friend Irv Gotti. (crowd cheers) (upbeat pop music) – Hey! It’s all women. This is gonna be fun. – [Wendy] A whole lot of fun. – [Irv Gotti] Shoe cam. – Oh wait, now hold on. First of all you’re melting away. Like you look really […]

Leo begins to orchestrate the downfall of his family | Sandugo Recap (With Eng Subs)

Sir. Mister Eugene. What brought you here? Have a seat. Thank you. I just want to ask some questions. I heard that someone came after your dad the other night. Oh, that. Did JC tell you that? Why didn’t you report it to the police? Why should we when no one was harmed? If your […]

Warren chooses his family | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Dad! You’re here! We thought you’ve already forgotten us. That won’t happen. How are you? Are you okay? We’re okay here. – Son! – Ma! God is good, we’re all safe! He even granted my prayer for you to come back and help us! How are you, Ma? I’m okay, dear. We’re at least getting […]

Alyana and her family pray for Domeng | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

I’m more excited to see my baby. Especially now that you know your baby’s gender. Bubbles, tell us if it’s a boy or a girl. We promise not to tell Sir Jerome. Hey, just let Bubbles be. Don’t force her to talk. She and Jerome should be the first ones to know the baby’s gender. […]

Leslie Meets Jerry’s Family – Parks and Recreation