GoPro Awards: Airplane Failure Marriage Proposal

you that's where fat coupons operated on Charlie comes back [Applause] why is it going down like that good here feel it oh look so much yeah touch it I don't want to I don't like it whoever's not down with [Applause] I'm not trying to hey babe babe can you get that weird hold […]

GoPro: Tour de France 2017 – Stage 7 Highlight

The Cavaliere Wedding Trailer | Bloom Field Gardens | Ashley Bloomfield

I once read magic and romance ignite a relationship but it's a friendship that makes it in der it's a friendship that turns that happily-ever-after into the beginning of a love story and not the end over the last five years you have become my greatest love my best friend and confident I told from […]

VISITING BUGATTI! Chiron Factory Tour and Test Drive

hi guys I'm Shmi hello to you and welcome back to the channel where today you join me for a visit of one of the most iconic venues from the automotive world behind me is the famous ch√Ęteau sands on the home of Bugatti today we're going to take in an experience of everything this […]

Kitten's First Vet Visit

GoPro: Tour de France 2017 – Stage 8 Highlight

Flight to an unknown destination?!

we're up early weird one this week we are about to go on a flight to somewhere we have no idea it's a completely unknown destination it's a project with Whizzer basically they set up a fly and not told us where we're going right so we go into the airport yeah it's weird where […]

Driving through the deserts of Iran! | Vanlife Travel Vlog 31

actually not going here we were just going back to the climbing place and they were kind of forced here and just oh there's the tomb perfect they are cool yeah I should go out and I can make a you can drive past me while I film this too on the road to a […]

TSL Plays: EPIC Party Games!

the smart welcome to another episode of TSM days today remain epic party games we are ready to pay day for guy is like never mind flip cup PES we have to drink a full cup of water before flipping it if the cup stays upside down the next day we'll go each player […]