Beautiful Aerial Wedding Photography – DRONE FAIL!!

(classical piano music) (Crash) (Tumbling) (Silence)

Couples Take A Lie Detector Test

– Do you think I’m a good dancer? – No. – That is an honest answer. (Marcel laughs) – Well, you’re not that great. (“Discoplosion”) – You know, I think the biggest problem in our relationship is that Dan is a really big liar. – I have a lot of serious questions and I want […]

Top 10 Worst Wedding Dresses That Will Shatter Your Faith In Marriage

Wedding day holds a lot of importance in a woman’s life, anybody doubting this? If you love your life, then don’t! okay jokes apart, everything about the day has to be perfect and the couple leaves no stone unturned to make it the best day of their life. From the décor to food and from […]

Wedding Proposal that will Leave You Breathless

Scot and I started dating about five-ish years ago and I remember the first night that we went to Temple Square with my family and not knowing any of his background I remember walking past the temple and being like I'm going there someday just so excited and giddy and can't wait for that day […]

GoPro Travel: Beyond Cambodia

having never been to Southeast Asia I traveled to the scenery problems of Cambodia to meet some locals and soak up some culture this was exactly the postcard moment that I had seen in the photos online but in today's world there are no more well-kept secrets just outside the edges of every picture lies […]

Destination Scotland (part three) – European Motorcycle Tour Day Trip – Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

look at the colors now McCullers [Applause] [Applause] blank tone the lens is all up so who is in getting a coffee course impostor I'm out here watching the trains go by which is pretty cool don't know how to stop the condensation on the lens is driving me nuts because I know a lot […]

Destination Scotland (part two) – European Motorcycle Tour Day Trip – Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

hopefully it brightens up hopefully it brightens up like that they were saying on the radio the other day that the doors are painted red if they have a mortgage and then they paint them black once a mortgage is paid off it's the show that if your red door means you're in the red […]

The Diversity of IRAN! From desert to Caspian Sea | Vanlife Travel Vlog 32

so what I was going to say was hey welcome to the district camper frederica de molina today be up and enjoy yourself just reading books but our mood was gonna ruin right at that moment see if you see here cable broken and the entire guy is bent up so the whole thing just […]