Trapping The Bandits With That YouTub3 Family!

We are on the road. We actually decided to take Ryan’s car because we wanted to make sure that none of the bandits knew What car we’re in or where we’re going. We’re trying to lie low because they’ve been following us a lot lately. We want to make sure that they’re not able to […]

Austin’s Family Gets Slimed! | Partners in Slime | HiHo Kids

– How many girlfriends did I have before mom? – We’ve talked about this, yeah. – [Together] Four. (chime dings) – Four what? – [Together] Four girlfriends. – Oh, dang. (all laughing) – [Announcer] Who knows you the best? Only slime will tell. The slime boss quizzes the partners in slime and they must guess […]

Recap: Julia The Buzzkill | Season 1 Ep. 2 | ALMOST FAMILY

The Guys Watch Their Body Cam Footage | Season 18 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY

Ida Thinks Brian Is Embarrassed By Her | Season 18 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY

[music playing] Table 13. The fish is for the gentleman, and the chicken is for the lady. Got it. Great. Is that our food? CHEF’S VOICE: The fish is for the gentleman, and the chicken is for the lady. I’ll be right back, folks. Well, thanks for picking me to break in your new Discover […]

The Guys Overhear Lois Diss Them | Season 18 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY

Wow, Joe, these are pretty cool. Yeah, they’re not as heavy as I thought they’d be. Yeah, we could livestream the footage on my iPad. How do we talk when they’re on? Like, different? No, Peter, use your normal speaking voice. – All right, let’s hit it! – Hang on, guys. I’m just going to […]

Brian Meets Ida At The Bar | Season 18 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY

Excuse me, ma’am, no porn at the bar. Oh, it’s OK. I’m transgender. Oh, I had no idea. Do whatever you want all the time. Oh, Gwen. Howdy, stranger. Brian, what are you doing here? I’m an alcoholic. Oh, right. So you saw the video, huh? Oh, yeah. It’s just so hard. Well, it has […]

The Family Goes Shopping For Homer | Season 31 Ep. 2 | THE SIMPSONS

[theme music] OK, which of these ties is better for my first day as a mentor– purple stripes or this one? [sniffing] Are you wearing my perfume? I like it on you. He’ll like it on me. Dad, it’s not often that you– how do I put this– care so much about your job? Well, […]

Peter Tells Brian The Key To Marriage | Season 17 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY

BRIAN: Oh hey, Peter. Be with you in a sec. I’m burning the place down. PETER: You got the bed bugs? That’s don’t makes sense. This isn’t the Red Rock Motor Lodge in Montgomery, Alabama. Please send the lawsuit to our lawyer whose address is below. That’s right, he’s also a lawyer. The mystery deepens. […]