“Libertarians” Glenn Beck and Rand Paul Attack Marriage Equality

as you know don’t let the defense of marriage act has been struck down by the supreme court mike huckabee is on twitter now it’s saying that uses is weeping we have a call at the g_’s is to find out if it’s tears of joy or sadness no word back uh… apparently still getting […]

Gay Couple Sees Wedding Photos For First Time :)

Australia Said Yes! Vienna invites first honeymooners

Dear friends from Australia! We’re happy to hear that you took a big step towards marriage equality today. In Austria we’re still working on that. Nevertheless, Vienna supports Australia’s forwardness and would like to invite the first same-sex couple which ties the knot in Australia and sends their marriage certificate to to spend an unforgettable […]

Steven Green – The Tension Between Marriage Equality and Religious Liberty

Bugyis: On behalf of Sarah Hampson and Tom Cobb, my co-organizers for this speaker series I want to welcome you to University Washington Tacoma. And this event which is co-sponsored by Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs. Which is one of the divisions within the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences As well as the University […]

Married Gay Couple Denied Driver’s License in Florida

and this particularly uh… relevant there’s a story out of miami a uh… accompli to women dana eleven of the fetus smith enjoy that your timothy dismissed we’re living in florida had been involved leach other for i think at least seven years and they drove to new york too to get married because in […]

Judge Orders Ohio to Recognize Gay Couple’s Marriage on Death Certificate

spring wife’s in Ohio more good news federal judge ordered state officials on Monday to recognize the marriage of two men that was performed in Marilyn and to recognize it on the death certificate up in Ohio resident in hospice care with the judge says is certain to die soon quoting from the judges a […]

Gay Marriage Rights in America | Nadine Smith | TEDxTampaBay

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Mile Živković Thank you. Thank you very much. You know, it’s tax time, and so, I’ve been thinking a lot about my wedding day. It was just two years ago, in August, and we were in Burlington, on what was the most beautiful day. Our wedding was at the Quaker Meeting […]

How modern families increase social inequality | The Economist

The family has always been a central building block of society But families have changed dramatically in the rich world… …over the past 50 years You may kiss your wonderful life partner and your wife… He knows he has a donor He knows that we’re both his parents He knows he doesn’t have a dad […]

How To Book Speaking Engagements

(light music) – Hi, I’m Keri Murphy, and welcome to Inspired Living TV, where we inspire lives and help entrepreneurs become industry icons. If you are someone who really wants to make a big difference in the world, you wanna make great money and a great impact, this video is a must watch. I’m going […]

Shark Tales Vlog 46 My Engagement Ring

Rozhodli jsme se že pojedeme na skály. Sleduj tohle jsou moje věci zítra odlétám. Byli jsme na jednom parkovišti a vypadalo to že nás někdo vykrade. Tak jsme se přesunuli. A projdeme se. Vypadá jako kdyby šla na Everest. Je zima. Tohle je můj poslední den v Portlandu. GoPro hádáme se. Háže chipsy na zem […]