MADONNA – REBEL HEART TOUR 2016 (Fan Made Special Edition)

Visit Estonia – What You Should Know Before You Visit Estonia

hey there fellow travelers mark here with vultures world and today we're in very busy hairy touristy Tallinn Estonia and today we have for you are kind of the things you should know before you come to Estonia so you're better prepared it's a small country in terms of population with only about a million […]

Holland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

the European kingdom of Holland known also as the Netherlands was until relatively recently a powerful trading nation that possessed many colonies most of this land of tulips windmills and canals is located below sea level and in the 17th century it was the most prosperous country in Europe you Amsterdam Holland's splendid metropolis a […]

My 300TH VIDEO on YouTube!

hello and welcome to my 300th video this is the 300th video that is on my youtube channel I don't know what vlog number this is I have a bunch of vlogs and I have some other non vlog videos but YouTube tells me it's my 300th video so I'm celebrating that I thought about […]

MALAGA – SPAIN. Top Travel Destination in the World. DJI Mavic Drone Aerial Footage 4k.

LONG HAUL FLIGHTS | What I Pack + Travel Essentials|Tips From A Flight Attendant

hey guys welcome back to my channel if it's your first time here welcome to my channel my name is Ali and I am a flight attendant no it is spring break and summer coming up so I thought it would be a good idea for me to sit down and give you some sort […]

We Crashed A Russian Wedding In Germany!

Ramen in Taishoken, Tokyo | Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations | Travel Channel Asia

listen it's very unique it's a little hard a little chewy all over the world soups and starches help stretch small amounts of protein into much bigger meals in Japan even more attention goes into developing the complex layers and flavors that complete the dish at one of Tokyo's most famous ramen shops it takes […]