Cassy See's The Dress Jason Has Chosen – Don't Tell The Bride

just time for a quick route around the rails it just looked too good to touch Cassie doesn't know it she's found a very dress that jason has chosen for her time for manager Maury oh my god am I gonna see it you just like to wait here bring the dress out for you […]

Don't Tell The Bride – Laila And Nick: Arranging The Helicopter And Transport

with a week to go Nick spent almost half his budget on the venue and the dress but he still has everything else to do so naturally he turns his attention to boys toys all right cheers thanks again bye-bye in true rock star style he's just spent almost a thousand quid on a helicopter […]

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Don't Tell The Bride – Katie And Sam: Wedding Dress Disaster

hello hello Katie hi nice to be nervous don't lose your fiance I'm sorry I'm just shaking Casey I know okay stop okay yeah all right going to need to try that on yes is it what you expected not exactly no okay it's a beautiful dress but I'm not sure she would have chosen […]

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Wedding Dress Fitting Gone Wrong – Don't Tell The Bride

it's the day before the wedding which can mean only one thing pip has come to try a wedding dress on today she finally gets to see Tony's idea of a drilling dress and all the bodies are really short and I have all really sure right find one with a long body that one […]