Single People Get Married For A Week • Daysha & Eli

– His lotion warmer is next to my bed, which he says that he used, to– – [Voiceover] To moisturize elbows. – I feel like it moisturized penises, but, you know. Hi, I’m Daysha. – And I’m Eli. – And we’re getting married! – We’re getting married. – He’s trying to just contain it all, […]

Couples Reveal Their Sex Count To Each Other

We’re about to guess each others sex partners for the very first time. It’s about to get juicy Mmmmh. From history from what he’s told me, he seems like a really reserved guy He seems like he hasn’t been around the block too many times I think I know, unless it’s changed I don’t know […]

Marriage Advice – Smarter Every Day 181

Okay, story time About 15 years ago, I was just about to get married and Like in the tux is the whole bit, and my dad looks at me, and he says, “Son, “no matter what your wife makes to eat, you eat it, and you ask for seconds no questions asked.” Well a strange […]

The Try Guys Try Cringey Couples Halloween Costumes

– I’m actually due very soon, we’re expecting. – Aaaah! – Halloween! – The time for wizards and witches to get it on! – Today, the Try Guys are trying on some of the most cringey Halloween costumes for couples ever invented. – This is the greatest day of my life. – Every year, you […]

EBR-I Tour

welcome to EB r1 or experimental breeder reactor 1 this was the first reactor built at what was in the nineteen forty nine time frame known as the National reactor testing station today it's the idaho national laboratory EBR one was the first of 52 reactors built at the lab it was the first to […]

Keith's First Wedding Anniversary – The Try Vlog

I have to read it one page I'd like that don't skip forward [Applause] what's up try babies it's the try blog we're back in action today I'm in beautiful somewhere California at an Airbnb because this weekend is Nick and Erica's wedding nick is a great friend of ours he also does magic I'm […]

The Try Guys Play Boink, Marry, Kill

I'm ready for a sleepover okay today we are playing a rousing game of boink marry kill I am Boykin Robin Marian Alfred and killing Batman I'm with Ned are you gonna kill Batman I don't know how yet but I'll figure it out kill him and take his place now I'm too bad welcome […]

5 physics experiments for the holidays!

home for the holidays liven it up with some science mix baking soda and vinegar and a cup and let it phase carefully pour the gas that bubbled up into another cup it should look like you're pouring nothing try pouring a regular empty cup over a candle it's gonna look silly now try the […]

The Try Guys Visit Eugene’s Hometown

Wow oh hi there you smell that smells like my hometown we put the ass in Texas goddamn Annette [Applause] welcome to Austin Texas the best city in the United States today the trying guys are the Travel Guide we're gonna be experiencing culture food recreation and nightlife so because Austin is Eugene's hometown Eugene […]

Supersonic air travel is finally coming back