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The DollMaker Dolls – What’s Inside? (TOP SECRET) / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

The DollMaker A YouTub3Family production Watch for the clues

Key & Peele – Weird Playlist

– Let’s listen to some music, you got a playlist– – Oh yeah. – That you like? – All my music is good, man. Just put it on random. – Alright. Rock it out. – This is an audio journal of my experiments on my own human condition. (laughs) Forgot this was on here. Let’s […]

Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Cut

– Did you guys ever feel the need to protect yourself? Going to school or walking home or? – Um. – Not really ’cause people are super nice to us at school. – Oh, are they super nice? I gotta go visit that area. (upbeat music) – Hi, how are you guys doing? – Good. […]

Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity | Cut

When was your first time? When do you think my first time was? I think when you guys went to homecoming (laughs) Yeah, no, that wasn’t the first time but That wasn’t the first time? I’m Lance and this is my dad, Cliff. Hi I’m (name) This is my mom. Today we are talking about […]

In-Laws Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– What do you find most sexy about my daughter? – Her butt, I mean, like, you know, I immediately went to like you know, sex things. She’s gorgeous. – So you’re having sex with my daughter’s butt? – No. (fancy music) – Mother-in-law. – Son-in-law. – He will be my father-in-law, his name is […]

An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

Participant 1: Shut up [laughs] Participant 2: What? Wait, wait. Participant 3: Oh he’s gonna be so embarrassed. [title music] Julian Huguet: What makes you happy? Having fun? Hanging out with friends? Delicious food? Making money? Well consider this. Psychologists have scientifically proven that one of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in your […]

Couples Explain Cheating | Couples Describe | Cut

– Cheating, yes. – Do you wanna go first? – Have we ever talked about that? – No. – Definitely more than just a couple inches. Ya know, I mean– – What? – (laughs) I’m kidding. – Nobody talks to her, period, that’s it. – So stupid. – If she held hands with a guy, […]

Serena & Zach’s Story | How Couples Sleep | Cut

– She’s a really heavy sleeper, so I could probably be blaring music and she would be totally fine. – Yeah, if there’s an intruder in the house, I’m definitely dead. (chill music) (covers rustling) – [Serena] My name’s Serena. – [Zach] And my name’s Zach. – We’ve been dating for a year and a […]

Couples Play Fear Pong (Elissa & Peter vs. Casey & Jarvis) | Fear Pong | Cut

– Google. (click) – Lotion. – Shh Shh. – Boobs come out. (laughs) – Shaft comes out. – Oh! (grunts) (laughter) – That was great. “Hey, babe, whatcha doing?” – No, no, no! (laughter) – Damn, that’s gonna be on YouTube, right? (opera music) – Hey! – Hi! – What up? – I’m Casey. – […]