The Weird Wedding that Will Make You Either Laugh or Cry

there also may be a little problem the bride’s family has a very strange tradition the wedding shouldn’t be about this it’s about love of two people party the atmosphere is bad [Music] [Music] let’s go to the wedding [Music] we travelled through half of Nigeria from the groom’s city of Abeokuta to the bride’s […]

PIE FACE BATTLE CHALLENGE!!! (Family Friendly Edition)

What’s up it’s Collins Key And for this video, I need someone very special To join me, so Everyone please welcome my brother Devan Ayeeeeee! Oh dude it’s, sorry it’s I messed that up. Ayyeeeeee! What’s up guys! So today we are going to be doing the “Pie Face Showdown” The only thing we are […]

Beautiful Aerial Wedding Photography – DRONE FAIL!!

(classical piano music) (Crash) (Tumbling) (Silence)

The Gymnastics Challenge (Family Edition) | Funny Brooklyn and Bailey Challenges

Woah! Hey guys it’s Brooklyn and Bailey! And today we are doing the family gymnastics challenge Which honestly I am so excited for because it’s gonna be really funny. I can’t wait to see my dad do gymnastics. Just what a comic relief trying to watch him do that. But before we go onto the […]

Clumsy Groom Messes Up Big Time – a funny wedding fail with StickerYou

What a great day that was… everyone love, love, loved the hangover kits. I just feel so great…sooo amazingly, awesomely great. You pack up the aspirin and I’ll take care of the water and sunglasses. You got it honey! Go! Go! Go! Move it! We have to be at the rehearsal dinner in ten minutes! […]

Very normal Russian wedding

“Gorka” F**ck your mothers “Gorka” mum look, and what ? he almost killed my husband blyat *inaudible* you are all girls, whats wrong with you f**ck your mother *laughs* shes pissing standing catch the bouquet F**ck your mother *Music* Go Go ! *screams* catch it motherfu**er good job

Tips For Photographing A SURPRISE “Wedding Proposal”: I Only Had 10 sec to get the shot, did I FAIL?

Right before you jump into this video, if you haven’t signed up for the Fro Knows Photo e-mail list, just look for this orange box over on the website, put your name, e-mail address in, and hit send it, and I will send you a free guide to capturing motion in low light situations. Jared […]

Haboob dust storm attacks Arizona wedding

it is in the art of marriage that the little things are the big things it’s never being too old to hold hands Are you listening? Yes. There’s a huge dust storm! Jennifer and Gustabo, you have today… exude me. You can skip some things. We’ll do the sand ceremony now. jennifer and Gustabo today […]


Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be showing you what my family eats in a day. I asked on Instagram what kind of videos you guys would like to see and by far the most requested was what we eat in a day, so we’re currently away. We’re […]


– Hello guys, and welcome back to another challenge. And today, neither of us are messin’ about because we’ve teamed up with Nerf to bring to you a crazy challenge with these brand-new Nerf Regulator Blasters. Now as you can tell behind me, we have a bunch of sticky notes set up. Now earlier today […]