Finding Hope – 10th Anniversary of 9/11

My name is Victor Guzman, and I’m a 9/11 survivor. I was on the 85th floor when the first plane hit the North Tower. Since 9/11, my life has never been the same. It’s actually better. This is my story. I remember the sky was a perfect blue. It was a beautiful September morning. I […]

George Michael – Careless Whisper (35th Anniversary Story Behind the Song)

Rabbi Sacks on Jerusalem: The 50th Anniversary of Reunification

There’s never been a love story like it in all of history. The love of this people for that city. Jerusalem is mentioned something like 660 times in Tenakh. And even though the Temple was destroyed twice and even though the city has been besieged 23 times and captured and reconquered 44 times, Jews never […]

Marriage Counselor Speaks On It: You Can’t Divorce Yourself-Fix Your Ish!

Today THE HIM (husband) and I mediated a divorce. They said marriage wasn’t what they expected. We asked the couple, “How did you prepare for marriage?” They put in some diligent efforts. They said they read books. There was a lot of family discussion. Good stuff! I can read several books about chemistry. At the […]

Navigating Callings Within a Marriage

– [Erik Thoennes] I think all Christians are called not just to be disciples but to be ministers, and I think the details of what that calling looks like can vary throughout our lives. And so, I’m not someone who thinks that there’s a clear biblical teaching on a calling, but I think we need […]

Lehi’s Family Arrives at the Promised Land | 1 Nephi 18:23 | Book of Mormon

Jacob, it works according to our faith and obedience. I’m going to see how the others are doing. whether it’s to food, or to find the promised land. Look! Land! The promised land. At last.

What Jesus Says About Sex (and cheating)

– So when is cheating on someone actually cheating? [upbeat music] Hey, everybody, my name is Chris Paavola and welcome to “What Jesus Says About,” where Jesus speaks for himself, so you can respond for yourself. And don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and that little bell, so you can say up-to-date on what […]

Trusting God With Your Adult Child – Jodie Berndt

our kids sometimes learn just like we do in the valleys that can allow us to watch them go through a hard time and say alright maybe God is using this season to bring them to that ultimate destination that’s saving relationship with him that place where God really is glorified in their life welcome […]

Lehi’s Family Sails to the Promised Land | 1 Nephi 18 | Book of Mormon

Go count the stars, Jacob. Hey, get out of there. Laman, tell me. What do you think of this sturdy, fine ship we have built? “We” have built? You mean to say the ship I have built. Hey, move! Okay. See his face. This is righteous face. Wine! Father… Laman, What? Let us not forget […]

This Family Put a 26-Foot Rock Climbing Wall in Their Living Room

(upbeat music) (child laughs) – When people come over here for the first time, people look up and think, “Why? “How?” – Dada, faster! – “Is this legal? “Do you have people sing waivers to come over here?” – Show ’em behind me! Belay on? – Belay is on! – Climbing. – The whole family […]