5 Ideas de Arreglos Navideños para Tu Cocina | Navidad 2019

Small poinsettias Christmas picks, Green leaves Small jingle, berries pick Kitchen glove & holder Magnets & glue sticks Put some magnets if you want to stick it to the refrigerator Small planter Ratan ball, green hay Small white poinsettias Silver leaves Little apples picks Wood stick, foam & Glue sticks Metalic kitchen colander Silver plate […]

Rickey Thompson Breaks Down the Royal Family Tree | Royal Tea | Harper’s BAZAAR

– Hey guys! We are back! I just love talking royals with you. I get so excited about this moment each and every week! Hello, It’s me Rickey Thompson and this is Royal Tea. Grab a cup, ’cause it’s gonna get steamy. (royal trumpets) This is the most complicated part of the monarchy. Who is […]

Queer✨| Philosophy Tube

When I was a postgrad, there was a certain topic that didn’t come up a lot in class, but it definitely came up at parties. Or at least, that’s what the people who went to parties told me… It was so controversial that we weren’t even sure if we were allowed to say the name: […]


Fast Arrangement- MATT D’ FURIOUS! – Subtitle ON!

hello flower LOVERS! this is JOAN OF ART and welcome to my channel! for today’s video i just wanna FLEX my colleague MATT we call him MATT D’ FURIOUS because of his super FAST skills on doing Flowers! I am proud of my team mates & wanna show you all he is so talented & […]

10 Lolita Hair Arrange with Misako Aoki【English Sub】

Hello everyone, this is Misako Aoki Today I’m introducing 10 patterns of Lolita hair arrangement Since Lolita has so many hair accessories and hair goods, By using them, I’m sure many types of hair arrangement is possible I hope you can try that out as well So let’s start I am introducing a hair arrangement […]

Family And Fame | How To Keep Things From Falling Apart, Featuring Chriselle Lim

okay guys I am at crystals hotel room this is kind of a dream come true she’s been an amazing kind of guiding light for me in this industry she’s one of like the first people that I started following when I got in social media so I feel super honored to be here look […]

My Engagement Proposal Story ♥ My Engagement Ring Reveal ♥ Wengie

So this is my ring. Ewww! Hairy fingers! I should really not show you my hairy fingers, but here they are. Hey guys, it’s Wengie here welcome back to my channel, and I thought I’d address this already, but I got engaged! Uhm, this was like a little while ago actually But I thought I […]

History of Diamond Engagement Rings | History Of | Racked

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Oh no, not that. I’m talking about Facebook engagement season. Everyone you know is getting engaged literally right this second and they’re all posting the same photo: the ring. But if Facebook existed 100 years ago, those rings probably wouldn’t have had diamonds. One of the first recorded […]

Victoria Beckham On Her Makeup Line And Family Life | TODAY