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25th Anniversary | InStyle

Ready? And action! We are celebrating InStyle’s 25th anniversary. Happy 25th anniversary, InStyle. Happy 25th anniversary InStyle magazine. This is a huge moment. Congratulations, you made it. This means that InStyle is a millennial. Quiero felicitar InStyle por sus 25 años. I mean, can you believe it’s been 25 years? I loved this shoot! The […]

How to Make Decorative Headpins

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

what’s up guys it’s Sophie welcome back to style blog I am outside of Plato’s Closet right now actually and I got my smoothie it’s about eleven o’clock here and I’ve got some clothes in the back that I’m going to bring into Plato’s and see how much I can get for them! but I’m […]

Interior Decoration – Trend 2018 – Ghar kaise sajaye

Rich and vibrant colors such as orange and dark blue interiors or in the kitchen Concrete cement and different stone made sink. no more traditional ceramic or steel sink Vintage lighting with Edison bulbs or exposed bulbs Lavender and lilac for interior and upholstery Soothing and relaxing Green color for sofa, paintings or decorative items […]

The Most Beautiful Wedding

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WEDDING – Beauty & Fashion HACKS | #LifeHacks #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand

Hey Swachhta!! could you give your Lehenga O Lehenga…. Where i kept it…. in Almirah… No… ok got it… by the way Lehenga is Beautiful O girl!! what happened Infection but where?? there In Allahabad… oho.. its below here.. oho in Sri Lanka!! How many died?? oho.. infection occurred to me through that Lehenga wedding […]

Julianne Moore Looks Back At Her 6 InStyle Covers | 25th Anniversary | InStyle

I remember being in a bookstore with my son when I was on the cover of a magazine and, and he was probably three-and-a-half, and he saw the magazine he said, “Look mommy, that’s Julianne Moore!” Ready? And action! Here… This is the 2004 cover of InStyle magazine, right here. And I was very, very […]

Cheap Thrills: One-Year Anniversary Lookbook | Tatered

Cheap Thrills. [MUSIC] What’s up, family? It’s your boy Nate, aka Tabasko Sweet and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. [MUSIC] You better already know what it is, my guy. We got something to celebrate today in the Cheap Thrills fan, that’s your freaking anniversary family, a whole year. Ecstatic! [MUSIC] Now, if you’ve been with your […]

DIY Decorative Notebooks | Back-to-School Supplies

Hey guys! It’s Bailey, and Brooklyn, and today we’re here with our little sister, Kamri. Hi! And we’re going to be showing you guys, 4 different styles of how to decorate Back-to-School Notebooks. Uh, huh! And, going back to school is not really the funnest thing! Not a lot of people look forward to it! […]