The real reason there aren’t more female scientists | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Everywhere we hear about massive gender bias against women in fields like physics, technology and engineering. But what if it’s just not true? That’s coming up next on the Factual Feminist. There’s a class at Harvard called Math 55, which is advertised in the catalog as “probably the most difficult undergraduate math class in the […]

Arranged Marriage And Dowry | Lobola in African Culture | Family Vlog

their misconceptions about what lobola means today hey also welcome back to my Welcome to my channel I am going to touch on a very sensitive subject for a lot of people which is lobola or dowry or bride money okay in our culture we still do that a lot of people still do that […]

The Unexpected Beauty Of A Mormon Wedding | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

This is Melissa and this is Sergio. They’re Mormon. Mormon is a nickname for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Marriage and family are important because they believe family can be together forever in the afterlife. An important part of creating an Eternal Family is getting married in a temple. […]

After the Wedding: The Real Bing Lee – Ep: 5

Jane: Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Lizzie: I’ve seen Charlotte work this thing like a thousand times. There. Jane: I’m sure the internet’s going to appreciate a close up of your boobs. I hope Dad’s not watching these. Lizzie: Ahh! Anyway, Charlotte can edit this part out before she posts it. Charlotte. […]

We should all be feminists | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TEDxEuston

Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Helena Bedalli My brother Chuks and my best friend Ike are part of the organizing team, so when they ask me to come, I couldn’t say no. But I’m so happy to be here. What a fantastic team of people who care about Africa I feel so humble and so happy […]

The Best Advice Ciara Ever Got

Hey y’all, what’s up, it’s Ciara and this is the best advice I ever got. The best advice I ever got was there’s really never a perfect time to have a baby. And essentially you can never pick the perfect time, but the truth is when you do commit to living your life, everything falls […]

Bride of Frankie (trailer)

Baby Shower Reveal Cake

okay people gather round gather round we're going to cut into the reveal cake now we're going to find out what the baby is going to be my privilege