Frosted effect glass decoration self-adhesive film application DIY

Use transfer film to keep all the elements in place. Spray the surface with clear water before the application.


Once upon a time, in the late sixties and early seventies, there was a pioneering generation of Scottish filmmakers who made short films and documentaries. And their dream – the pot of gold at the end of their particular rainbow – was that one day they might get to make feature films. Bill Forsyth was […]

Happy Anniversary (short film)

Delicious, as always. Thanks. Happy Anniversary! Oh, ah, I forgot. Oh I don’t need anything. I forgot your gift — No, it’s okay. — at work. Oh, a sweater! It’s hard to find a sweater in July. You always look so good in red. It’s not grey? No, obviously. Diane, I’m colorblind. I can’t see […]

USAPANG PERA: Anniversary

Happy 30th-year wedding anniversary, honey! Happy 30 years too, honey! It seems like it was only yesterday that we first met. And now, we’ve already reached 30 years. Yeah. Can you believe that? I still remember when I was courting.. Honey, look! What is that, a falling star? Its good luck when you wish on […]

Невеста Моего Друга / My Friend’s Fiancee. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

STAR MEDIA presents Lida. Lidie! Wake up. I don’t feel like waking up at all… Neither did I. Igor! Why didn’t you wake me up? How could you? I’m being late! You were sleeping so well, so I didn’t wand to wake you up. I’ve got to go to work. Well… Want me talk to […]

The Craziest Hippie Festival in the Jungle

The Engagement Ring

Wait! Let me explain What happened to your shorts? Bro, my shorts! I was crossing the woods, the tripped on some ivy and got hooked by a thorn. Then the thorn just ripped my shorts Anyway, I don’t mind Hello When will you be home? I’ve just arrived Ok, am coming. Ok Hey, just chill. […]

Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: For the past 20 years, Irwan has been living with a crocodile. COMM: The crocodile was named Kojek and he now lives in the house with Irwan, his wife and three children. COMM: Kojek is fed 4 or 5 kilos of fresh fish three times a week. COMM: When Irwan first bought the crocodile, […]