Marriage and Finances (Relationships & Finances 2/8)

Meet Mark and Sophie. They’ve been together for two years, and are about to get married! They’re very excited. However, they’re also a little bit nervous. They have no idea what will happen to their finances once they get married. What should they do? Well, we’ve got them covered. Let’s walk through the four most […]

🔴The Keys to Understanding Macro Risk (w/ Keith McCullough & Raoul Pal) | Real Vision Classics

KEITH MCCULLOUGH: I just fundamentally couldn’t understand why people weren’t applying a repeatable process from a macro perspective to signal, what is the dollar impact going to be– again, to use an example– what is the dollar impact going to be on Nike’s quarter? What is the global growth rate decelerating going to do to […]

Financial Planning for Beginners : Financial Planning Tips for Married Couples

Hi there, we’re back on Expert Village, thanks for watching. Today we’re going to talk about a very sensitive subject and that is marrying finances. You’re getting married, well congratulations, but how do you plan to integrate your portfolio with your spouses or is that even something you’re considering at all. Really, it’s important to […]

How to Have a Marriage Without Money Problems

– Hey Winston, we agree when it comes to money, right? That’s what I thought. Well, today’s episode’s all about couples getting on the same page when it comes to their money. (upbeat dance music) Money and marriage. Sometimes, it does this. Other times, it does this. Guys, it’s so hard, isn’t it? Two big […]

Extreme Frugal Minimalists Plan to Retire by Age 35!

>>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re meeting a couple from Vancouver BC who are planning to retire by age 35. They’ve adopted an extremely frugal minimalist lifestyle and for the past seven years, they’ve been able to save over 65% of their annual income. They’ve been carefully investing their savings and they plan to […]

Getting Married? Ensure an Epic Life Together | (714) 390-1652 | The Happy Couple Expert

deangelo here that happy couple expert and guess what’s coming up wedding season as if some of you didn’t already know that so in the spirit wedding season coming up I wanted to talk to all of you who are either engaged looking to get engaged or thinking about marriage because when I work with […]

This Couple Did Something CRAZY to Pay Off Debt

– Next is an amazing story about a couple who did something radical, you guys. They sold their house to pay off debt. So let’s take a brief look at their story before I have them come on. – [Steph] We were poor when we were first married. – [Taylor] My card had got declined […]


so one of the many awesome perks of training is that we can take our work anywhere we want in the world and you guys know me I love to travel so I'm hanging out here on the other side of town in Newport Beach California on a little mini vacation just because and I'm […]

Rich Bride Poor Bride | Season 01 Episode 05 | Double or Nothing

when it comes to weddings everyone wants the perfect date but unless you have unlimited funds its I do but at what cost don't know I tell you this but I don't think your venue is going to work that you've chosen oh my god you oh no longer in business will she ever asked […]

Lesbian, Girlfriend OK for Private Miss. Prom