Wyndham Destinations CEO: Branded Hospitality | Mad Money

last night we told you to buy Wyndham Hotels & Resorts the traditional lodging business just spun off by the old Wyndham Worldwide and the darn thing exploded hired says I'm more than 5% now the remaining company a pure play on vacation rentals think timeshares has changed its name to Wyndham destinations in the […]

Rich Bride Poor Bride | Season 1 Episode 1 | East Meets West

when it comes to weddings everybody wants the perfect day but unless you have access to unlimited funds its I do but at what cost my weddings in less than two weeks I don't know what I want to do if I don't have any dresses friggin unbelievable wedding isn't yes you two week two […]

Navy Sailor, Fiancee Marry at Nevada Airport

Minimalist Home Tour | Joshua Fields Millburn

and minimus if you would have walked into my suburban home a decade ago you would have found a three-bedroom house with four toilets and a two and a half car garage a full basement and two living rooms and two people who live there it was just me and my former spouse and if […]

The Billionaire Behind LA's Most Iconic Shopping Destination | Forbes

I've always loved real estate I loved it since I was a young guy it was the way I was born it's in my blood you know the the real business that we're in is the hospitality business so we're in the business of making people happy and part of that is the retail business […]

How Much Does Traveling Egypt Cost??

hi guys welcome back to my channel so as you might know for the past two months I have been solo traveling all around Egypt and just basically having the most epic amazing time there so today I wanted to make a video kind of about the cost of traveling Egypt just for reference right […]

UPDATE: Lyft Now Shows Drivers Their Passenger DESTINATIONS!!

what's going on everybody welcome back to the rideshare uh my name is Dylan thanks so much for coming by sorry I know I'm sweaty it is like 95 degrees out and it's 9 p.m. I know I don't even climate change whatever uh-huh but today's video this is a super crazy update that I […]