Emily & David Wedding Film || Coyote Hills Golf Course || Cinematic Highlight

I’ve known since seven senior men Sabina can see I understand I just wanna hold you don’t believe that green-skinned I tell you this every day when I figured today would be even better once you are the love of my life you know my best friend’s my lover and my inspiration you make every […]

AMAZING Wedding First Dance – “Dancing on the Clouds” (Kingston Bridal Week 2016)

Emcee: We’re gonna be showcasing “Dancing on the Clouds” Emcee: This is Dancing on the Clouds courtesy of 876 Sounds Emcee: You can book them if you want this effect for your first Dance

The Venetian in Garfield, NJ – Wedding With Custom First Dance.

friends family and follower of the events guru welcome to Karen and Rich’s wedding reception we are here in the huge ballroom known as Palazzo in the Venetian in Garfield New Jersey now we’re ready to rock and roll with two amazing people and one nothing but energy we have to custom main entrances we’re […]

The Unexpected Beauty Of A Mormon Wedding | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

This is Melissa and this is Sergio. They’re Mormon. Mormon is a nickname for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Marriage and family are important because they believe family can be together forever in the afterlife. An important part of creating an Eternal Family is getting married in a temple. […]

First Dance // Wedding Ideas and Trends for 2017 & 2018

and so what we always kind of see especially these days is the first dance and some really kind of interesting ideas that come through yeah that really kind of make it very personal because the first dance it is a really personal moment it’s something that you know you probably thought about but for […]

JasminskILY Ever After- Drew & Emilee’s Star Wars Inspired Wedding 8.31.19

I love you more than words could ever describe. I’ve been imaging this day for so long and I’m so glad to be here with you and so many people we love. Thank you for always remaining steadfast in life, relationships and faith. I promise to remain strong in my love, I promise to never […]

3 Celtic Wedding Parts holly hot wedding tips

welcome to Holly’s hot wedding tips today we’re going to talk about three parts of a Celtic wedding remember to like and subscribe below, the first part will be the ceremony the second part will be the meal and the third part will be the dancin so a celtic wedding ceremony will begin with a […]


(gentle guitar music) – Are we ready to start this thing? Doug are you sure? Hm, you’re ready? Well we’re finally here, gathered together as a community of family and friends in God’s presence to witness the holy marriage of Andrew and Shawn, which is instituted by God and blessed by our lord Jesus Christ, […]

Full Wedding Ceremony!! (One Year Anniversary) | Shawn Johnson

(“Make You Feel My Love” instrumental) (“A Thousand Years” instrumental) – Welcome. Welcome, welcome. How ’bout this place? How ’bout this couple? Thank you all for coming on behalf of Andrew and Shawn. They’d like to express their love and their appreciation for all of you as family and friends that have come to this […]

Best Interracial Wedding Ever- Carlton & Ansley HD

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