CH 17 聖誕教堂擺設 Christmas Church Flower Arrangement #17

( Please choose the subtitle and subscribe ) Dear friends, today I show you a work for everyone,I will use the pave skill, meaning something placing on the table Many students will feel a little difficulty in flower arrangement, in fact, in addition to create the shape, you should master some relevant skills, they are […]

How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : Ideas for Wedding Flower Arrangements

Thank you for joining me today at Expert Village. My name is Greg Harem from Palm Springs Flower Mart, in Palm Springs, California. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make this beautiful wedding centerpiece that included lilies, Anthuriums, roses, Dendrobium Orchids, Cymbidiums, and this lovely wiring effect and this beautiful glass vase. If you’d […]

How to Arrange Bridal Bouquets : How to Prepare Shaping a Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Hi! I’m Amelia and today we’re talking about bridal bouquets and we’re working on a cascading bouquet. We just put the heather in to kind of frame out this bouquet. Now we’re going to start adding our main flower, which in this case is roses. You don’t want you main flower to be the heather […]

How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : How to Pick a Vase for a Wedding Centerpiece

Now we’ll be talking about picking out the container for your centerpiece. The most important thing about your centerpiece on any table is to make sure that you do not block the view across the table. Your guests want to be able to see each other. They don’t want to be looking at flowers and […]

(普通話)中級插花 Intermediate-Level Arrangement by Perry Yang,Designer of Floral Art 2OOO

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s floral art demonstrations, I’m floral 2000 floral designer Perry Today, I will do a combination of floral art demonstrations, we will spend the mud placed above and below the location of this flower seat Now, I introduce, flowers materials used today First, there is our main flower, Calla, mountain sage, […]

How to Make Flower Arrangements : Adding Flowers Evenly To Your Flower Arrangement

So at this step we’ve put in our first flowers. These are kind of the main flowers of this arrangement. The subsequent flowers are going to fill it in and round it out, so here we go. When you get to this point in the arrangement, you want to be sure to turn the arrangement […]

How to Make a Tropical Floral Arrangement : Cutting Floral Foam for Tropical Arrangements

GREG HAREM: Now that your oasis is good and wet, take it out of the water, allow it to drip. A good way to measure your oasis for your container, what I always like to do, I kinda lay it on top, ’cause you want to leave some space right there ’cause you’re going to […]

How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : How to Add Lilies to a Wedding Arrangement

Ok, now we’re going to be placing the lilies in our arrangements. Just count them out and make sure they’re evenly spaced. Again, you want to use the most open blooms that you have available and don’t forget, again, flower food. And let me turn this around for you. Best thing to do is to […]

How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : How to Prepare Flowers for Floral Arrangements

Now, let’s play with our lilies. Like I said, they’re such a beautiful color. Again, with the pollen in these lilies, you want to be sure you remove it. Pollen will stain anything it brushes against. Even does your fingers. Now a bride one time, had a bouquet full of these, and they didn’t take […]