India: Arranged marriage or free love? (English subtitles)

India: a country where love is like a firework (supposedly), considering that exotic love techniques like Tantra or the Kamasutra are “made in India”. But looking at love in India today, reality looks very different. In India, only a minority can love the way they want and feel like. According to UNICEF, 90% of Indian […]

Last Day in Delhi: Grace Arranged This Satsang

[Music plays] Last Day in Delhi with Sri Mooji Following the season of Satsangs in Rishikesh, the Delhi Sangha expressed their wish to have one final encounter with Guruji. In short time and with little preparation, a beautiful meeting took place on a hotel rooftop in the midst of bustling ‘Paharganj’. [Music continues playing] [Music […]

OSHO: Love Is Authentic Only When It Gives Freedom

OSHO: I Live Spontaneously

The State as Family

Most kids want stuff – toys, candy, electronics – and of course they want their parents to pay for it. They have the idea that daddy and mommy just sort of “have money.” If you ask most little kids where that money comes from, they will say daddy works, or mommy works, but they don’t […]

The March of History: Mises vs. Marx – The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

You see? It’s a revolution. Capitalism’s days are numbered. Then there goes our freedom. If Socialism wins, America loses. We have nothing to lose but our chains. And our civilization. Learn some history. Private property and free markets built modern day society. Yeah and modern society is the problem. Two for March of History. Thank […]

Inside Slab City, the Lawless City in the Desert

ERNIE QUINTERO: Hey guys, this is Ernie reporting for VBS from Imperial Valley. In the toxic piece, we focused on all the crazy environmental issues going on in the region, from the air pollution, to drastic bee die-off, to the sewage-filled rivers, and everything in between. But during the shoot, we also met a bevy […]

Should Polygamy or Bigamy Be Illegal?

the take michael bennett from florida uh… is eight beta mixed okay he was married to a woman by the name of melissa in fact he still married to melissa but then he travel phosphate is to get married to another woman by the name of a meat now as you can imagine melissa is […]

The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go | Jill Sherer Murray | TEDxWilmingtonWomen

Translator: Phuong Cao Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Letting go can make you unstoppable. I know because I let go of a relationship and reclaimed my life. And I know that letting go can create the best of change for each and everyone of you. Let me tell you a story. When I was 41, […]

I was human trafficked for 10 years. We can do more to stop it | Barbara Amaya | TEDxMidAtlantic

Translator: Linda Anderson Reviewer: Denise RQ A 15-year-old-girl, alone, confused, sad, addicted, and trafficked on the streets of New York City. She hears sirens in the background, and she knows what that means. It means “Run!” So she and all the other young women out on the track run, but they’re not fast enough. The […]