VLOG: Baby Shower, Hanging Out With Friends, Natural Hair Struggles | South African YouTuber

I Can't Marry You, You're Boring! (The Jerry Springer Show)

all right Perry says he's hoping to charm his way into his girlfriend's hard hurry what's going on damn 18-year old man that's madly in love with my girlfriend oh good for you how long have you been going with her about a year and one day oh wow so yesterday was your anniversary yes […]

Avery Visits!

hello everyone we have a super special special surprise today who's here with us who's most excited for the horse riding lesson you can't all be most excited Avery is probably a DS best friend and she's from Phoenix she probably seen her in laughing lots of our videos and she's out here visiting with […]

the one where i got to be a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding

this woman literally just pulled right up in front of me as I am doing this lady the Walmart parking lot there are so many empty spots why the fuck did you have to pull my foot up beside me oh hi guys I'm Emily welcome back to my channel I am currently sitting in […]

Singaporeans Try: Friendship Dilemma Questions

hi guys how important of a road of friends play in your life pretty important yes yeah I feel like friends at a family you choose because we cannot choose the circumstances that were born into but we can pick and choose who we want to get close your friends are like my second family […]

Real Girlfriend Vs. Online Girlfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)

tonight so so why are you here then oh I'm here today to let her know this is not cool you you you do not lie to me you told me what's gonna talk to her yeah and I talked to him and you we gonna fight like not on our show okay so what […]

Booksmart Interview: Kaitlyn Dever & Beanie Feldstein talk 'Bridesmaids', Jonah Hill & stereotypes

female movies don't have to be like female versions of a boy movie they can just be their own incredible movie are we gonna go to school first of all was this movie as fun to make and it is to watch olivia created like the best environment everyone that came in you know to […]

Divorced Couple Looks At Their Wedding Photos

it's a good reminder that things things were good and will be again they are good I'm Sarah purchase FB and today I'm gonna be looking at my wedding pictures with my ex-husband it should be interesting we met through friends well technically we met in a bar but we knew people so it feels […]

A BRITISH PROM *grwm + vlog*