Modern Mom (मोम) vs Desi Maa (माँ) …. | #MyMissAnand #Sketch #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

I’ve come up this time in the video after a long time so get this video to 2,00,000 Likes Mumma my birthday is coming plz get me some new dresses ok ordering it now you are looking so beautiful in this dress Your daughter is looking stylish?? is this a designer dress no I’ve bought […]

YOUR Family vs MY Family .. | #Sketch #Roleplay #Fun #ShrutiArjunAnand #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

Every Family has different characters and our today’s video is related to it if you’ve enjoyed Hit LIKE to this video and get this video to 2,00,000 Likes what are you doing my child Homework leave it lets go for a movie but homework…. do it later and what if Mumma returned back from Office […]

Found his clone at a wedding.

Found his clone at a wedding. Ahh.. So that’s what DJs do! How’s love life going ? Taking your daughter on a bike ride A man films his last moments alive. RIP bro Happy 09/09/19 09:09:09! How to do a front flip I m lazy, but this changed my thoughts That was legitness

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner live streamed her wedding! – The Graham Norton Show – BBC

And of course very exciting for your parents, because you are now Mrs Jonas. Well, yes! No, you got married! I did get married. Yes. I’m not making this up. No, no, no! No, you’re not, you’re not. But you had a Vegas wedding. I did. Now, we’ve got a picture. Oh. No! Now… Your […]

6 LIFE Saving WEDDING Hairstyles HACKS You MUST Try .. | #Tricks #Bridal #Haircare #ShrutiArjunAnand

Feeling relaxed now suffered with headache… so many pins that parlour lady fixed in my hair and I had made this viral hairstyle and look what has happened…. what are you doing here Mummy is looking for you what has happened to both of you We came here so well dressed with well managed hair […]

Seth MacFarlane performs his Family Guy voices | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Parce que quand vous vous dirigiez je disais, comment Difficile était-il en tant qu’acteur de ne pas faire de voix parce que c’est une bonne vie ouais, je veux dire que c’était ça c’était ça c’était moins un saut que j’étais alors je craignais que ce soit Tu sais qu’ils font la famille, mec, j’avais […]

Couples Prank Each Other With A Fake Secret

(loud clap) (playful music) – Who’s going first? (playful music) – I’m an FBI agent, I’m actually 43 years old. (playful music) (swooshing sound effect) – I’m regretting choosing this secret, ’cause it’s really embarrassing. You’re not gonna like me after. – You know, you share the past with the person that you’re dating. – […]

Couple Breaks Up On Roller Coaster Worst Break up Ever


Funniest Motivational Speech For Married Couples | Steve Rizzo 2019 | Happy Bright You

there’s humor all around you we get so caught up in our thought process and what needs to be done we let all the funny stuff in our lives just pass us by how many married people about their raise your hands how many married people oh there’s humor there oh there’s humor there as […]

Types of MARRIAGE Proposals .. | #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

feel like they have come Namaste… you have come alone No… just with some of my closed relatives touch the feet don’t be shy.. go & touch their feet but from where should I start!!! have it happens like this!!! yeah this happens and even more than this thats we gonna to show you After […]