Weird Things Gay Couples Do: Public Vs. Private

– I wanna go to the movie and be excited. – I wanna be surprised. – I don’t feel that. – Really? There’s… – Hey guys, I think we’re gonna take off. – Ah, gay! (chuckles) – Excuse me? – Uh. – I might be late tonight. (smack) – Gay. (swooshing and creaking) – Well, […]

Couples Reveal Their Biggest Pet Peeves

– [Voiceover] So do you guys get annoyed with each other? – Not really. What? – Well, you know, when you love somebody and you see them all the time… – Yeah. – Things get a little bit tense sometimes. – Mmhm. – We’ve been together for eight months now. – Eight years. – Eight […]

Married Under 25: The Craigslist Couch

(playful music) – No. I just got comfortable. – Well. – Ugh! Oops. – I’ll get a paper towel. – No, it’s fine. I got it. What? – I think it’s time we replace the futon. – What’s wrong with the futon? – It’s really rickety and lumpy. – Well, if you know where the […]

Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

– I mean when we bought our bed– – Oh my god wait, are you two a couple? – Yeah. – Yes, mm-hmm. – (laughs) I thought you were brothers. – Nope. – No. – Are you sure you’re not brothers? – Yep. – Pretty, pretty sure. – [Girl] Yeah? – Not brothers. [Girl] Not […]

Weird Things Gay Couples Do

– Are these yours or mine? – Does it matter? – Yeah, it matters, I’m not gonna wear your underwear. (sniffing) – Mine. – Babe come on we gotta go, we’re gonna be late. – Yes, yes, yes, I am ready to go. – No. – What? – No, go change. – Why? – We […]

Married Under 25: Homebodies

(rhythmic piano music) – Hey, babe. How was work? – I spent an hour and a half trying to teach her to copy-paste. – So what do you wanna do tonight? – I can’t. Go on without me. Live your best life. Leave me down here to die. – Netflix and takeout is fine with […]

Married Under 25

what I'm all scruffy and patchy but if I shave I'm gonna look prepubescent that were you gonna wear hey yes baby we look 16 20 ish good a lot less skeezy being married to a 20-ish happy anniversary anniversary okay game plan I will be starting with the open-faced duck machaca ravioli and I'm […]