What’s The Best Bike To Buy? How To Buy The Best Bike For YOU

– What is the best bike to buy? Um. Just one sec, actually. (upbeat music) In all seriousness, this is, actually, a really difficult question to answer. Not because it’s actually hard to find a great bike, but, actually, because the best bike depends entirely on you, the rider. So perhaps instead of asking what […]

How To Pedal | Cycling Technique

Peddling is easy isn’t it you learn to ride a bike and it becomes very instinctive very quickly But what is it that pros do it takes pedaling to an art form [how] do they look so bloomin smooth? Well, here are few tips [you] will get you pedaling like a pro First up. We’re […]

Cómo ganó el Tour de Francia Egan Bernal | GCN en español Show 53

Tour De France Hangover? 5 Ways To Get Over Your Post-Tour Blues | GCN Show Ep. 342

– From the final kilometerof the final stage of the 2019 Tour de France. – Welcome to the GCN Show. (laughing) – Welcome to the GCN Show,brought to you by Wiggle. – Coming up this week, howto cure the post-Tour blues. We've got five tips on how youcan fill your now empty days. – It's […]

Can We Ride And Survive A Stage Of The 1903 Tour de France?

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How Do Tour de France Cyclists Climb So Fast?

– Have you ever sat at homewatching the Tour de France, and gone how on Earth dothose riders climb so fast? – I have, certainly. Luckily we also have a littleexperience to share with you. – Ooh, yes we do. (relaxed electronic music) – If you want to climb like aTour de France mountain goat, […]

Judgement Day | Tour de France 2019 Stage 20 Preview

– It has been a fantasticTour de France so far and stage 20 looks set tobe somewhat of an encore to what's been a brutal race. The GC battle has been hotly contested over the last three weeks,but whether or not stage 20 proves to be decisive forthe overall classification is actually irrelevant. Nobody can […]

Real Time Race Analysis | How Big Data Is Used At The Tour de France

– Data, we've never hadmore of it in this world, and that includes theworld of pro cycling, too. In fact, I think in cycling data points have increased exponentially. Never before have we known so much about what a Tour deFrance rider is doing, and what they have done previous to now, and much of […]

Egan Bernal's Pinarello Dogma F12 X-Light | Tour de France 2019 Pro Bike

– This is a climber's bikein every sense of the term. It is the brand newPinarello Dogma F12 X-Light of Team Ineos's Colombianclimbing sensation, Egan Bernal. (heavy metal music) I know a lot of you willhave already watched Ollie's first look at thenew Dogma F12 back in April, so I'm not going to gothrough it […]