Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas! 10 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations and Christmas Hacks

There we go! These merry room decorations will surely impress Jessica! Shiny Christmas lights here and there always does the job! You sure did light up the Christmas vibe here, buddy! As long as she doesn’t look at urgh this pillow… I don’t think your fashionista girlfriend will be impressed… Where the Christmas lights nothing […]

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HUGE Christmas Decor Haul | Christmas Decorations Ideas On A Budget 2019

and to think I didn’t know if we had enough Christmas decorations or not I mean oh my god I mean seriously talk about Christmas Haul Hey everyone welcome back to my channel so today it’s finally time to do my first round of Christmas shopping now that Halloween’s over my birthday is over I’m […]

Cutest Ever Christmas Reindeer Towel Decoration

in this video I’m going to show you how to make this super into a little Rudolph towel it’s really easy and I know you’re gonna want to see it so come on let me show you how to do it what’s up glue dots I’m laying the midnight crafter and tonight’s little dude they’re […]

glass bottle decorated with modeling paste and crafts glue (tutorial)

Tower Explosion box | Personalized Adorable handmade Birthday gift | DIY Anniversary Gift Idea

Tower explosion box for birthday and anniversary Subscribe now for more awesome videos and gift ideas This is hexagaonal tower explosion box specially made for birthday gifts and anniversary gifts, Contact now for price details. If you need this gift ready made, contact us now and get upto 10% off. Love this explosion box, well […]

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Flower Arrangement Tutorial: Simple Hand Tied Flowers

[Music]>>Stephen: I’m now going to make a simple hand-tied bunch. One, a lot of these bunches feature in our new book, Simple Flower Arranging. I’m not actually going to actually replicate one of those arrangements. I’m going to do something slightly different and something that might be nice for you to try at home, to […]

Wedding Present for the Guy Who Has Everything!


– Will you stay married to me? – Are you kidding me? – I know, it’s blingy. – It’s so flashy. – It’s so flashy. (upbeat music) – Good morning Huntys and Huncles. It’s your girl, Latoya forever starting the vlog. What was that? (laughs) I don’t know what that was. Anyways, today is Adam’s […]