tWitch Creates Incredible Marriage Proposal Flash Mob Dance

Dating Advice For Women: Will A Guy Leave His Girlfriend For You? (Shocking Reality)

what's going on everybody inter favorite dating coach Eliot Scott and as you can see by the title below we were going to talk about will this guy you're talking to who's taken will he leave his girlfriend wife the grow is talk to whoever it is for your finance okay now before we get […]

MOCKING My Boyfriend For 24 Hours Prank!!

yeah what you doing going home all right if you guys are new here you guys are the day Pam and we're JT and guys we have been building a JT house and I don't even know how to say it's already done it's done no but they finish it early Josh give him the […]

We're Getting Married PRANK on Girlfriend! GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!

hey guys how's it going first off I want to let you know that I have just released a brand new song I'll pop the link to the music video in the description below definitely check it out and let me know what you think now on with the prank so the other day Kate […]

I Caught My Girlfriend Cheating On Me On Facebook

THEY ATE WHAT!! Fiancée Vs Homie **Loser gets punishment**

I'll be with you if you don't we gotta tell what we do we you know we can spend a check and get right I know you wanted you ain't gotta fight if I hurt you baby – big Buster down what's up YouTube we got big buzz behind that's what I got what's up […]


Which Zodiac Signs Make The Best And Worst Girlfriends?

Welcome back dear Bestie viewer to the cosmicside of the Bestie channel. We see you have some more burning questionsabout your love life and are asking us to look to the cosmos and relay what answersthe zodiac holds. Before we tell all why not subscribe to Bestieand click the notification bell, too. Help support our […]