Prom Hairstyles – Curly Look

hi I'm Robin Lee Harmon with tangerine dream beauty bar today we're going over our looks for prom we've just finished modifying the first look and we've combed that out and now we're gonna go into our third look which is a down style for curly hair you need a comb a curling iron and […]


party planning committee has a row oh my you brought x2 hey I told everyone to bring text just in case someone for my brother you are my sister by the same guy love my today got to give love world will know in this together good morning guys morning Tiffany this is good morning […]

Elope – DJ PoolBoi

[Música] y [Música] por delante de un lado para ello al club la copa what you see button a la torre y rey para buscar [Música]

Janis and Elvis – Milk Cow Blues Boogy / Let's Elope Baby

DIY – How to Make: CUSTOM Made to Move Royal Wedding Meghan Duchess of Sussex Doll

last weekend I was pretty much glued to my TV oh I was watching the Royal Wedding on YouTube Hulu Netflix it's like a fairy tale so you know I just have to make a doll inspired by and let me just say that you looked fabulous at the wedding that was a lovely shade […]

Cinders – Like a Holiday [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

TheSacconeJolys – Eloping Vs Wedding Politics – Day 126

I get why people elope I understand like people elope I just have a conversation today you know and we're going to like guest list and like all this stuff you know who are gonna buy him stuff and then you kind of like oh I'm sitting there you know and you're like no this […]

Baby Shower Owl Baby Diaper Craft – Diaper Cake

we are going to make the cutest little diaper al today we're going to start by getting a 42 pack of diapers I use size 2 because it's a really good convenient size you want to find out the diapers they have the least amount of printed patterns on it and these look cute because […]