DIY Over The Moon Backdrop | Prom, Graduation, Wedding & Baby Shower Decor

UK PROM GRWM (but not really lol i'm a mess)

spending $1000 to not be ugly for prom | 24 hour transformation (my car tire blew up woops)

my hands purple I look like the peanut butter so just a disclaimer for this video starts I lost the footage where my eyebrows wax my legs wax and my toes dad hopefully this video is still entertaining also this video is false right boxycharm I'll be going more in depth about it and creating […]

Jenny Slate Is Obsessed with Wedding Videos of Brides Singing to Grooms

-I imagine oneof the fears was — 'cause, obviously, like,people were gonna film it — like, this mightbe one of those — It could live onin the Internet. Like, you alsohave that pressure. -That's right.We're in the future now. -Yeah, right.-And everything is computer. -Yes.-You know, and computer rules. So, I was like — Okay. […]

Bugis Street – Buying An Entire Prom Outfit Under $55 Including Shoes + Clutch | PrettySmart

the smart hi guys welcome to another episode are pretty snot my name is Cheryl kitchen and for this episode we will be shopping for prom outfits at boogie street so right now we're at Bugis Street and there are a couple of items that we're looking at for to make up the prom […]