Satisfya | Groom Wedding Dance | Ridwan ❤ Samia’s Holud In Bangladesh | A.H.Mredul


The Knot’s Favorite Wedding Traditions

– We had fire dancers, baby! (upbeat instrumental music) After the fire dancers, we had tequila and a churro cart. So, we had sweet and spice, and then we kept dancing til like three in the morning. – My mom actually… fell down the… – This isn’t good. – She fell down the stairs and […]

Emotion Wedding Photography

Hey thank you so much for coming seriously! No worries I’m so excited for this. Where do we start though? Ummmm??? Well the venue’s sorted. Got the dress obviously. The flowers… done them now. Ummm…So [sigh] I’ve got to find a photographer. But like I actually need an affordable one. Yeah and there are so […]

Zola | Easiest and Most Helpful Wedding Registry | How It Works

Now that you’re engaged [engagement ring sparkles] Let the planning begin! [happy engaged couple shows off her ring] Zola makes it easy to register for tons of gifts [Scanner gun buzzes] Not like that [Scanner gun drops into trash can] [Mobile phone appears with Zola’s online store] Think things like What you need [Several traditional […]

A Groom At The Wedding Proposed Me To Run Away With Him. I Was Not The Bride

Hi! My name is Amber and I am twenty years old. I am a photographer and at one of my weddings a groom asked me to escape with him. And you know, this ended up being the hardest choice of my life. I always knew what I wanted to do when I grew up: I […]

We Bought EVERYTHING On Their Wedding Registry!

Finnish Wedding: Sweating Out Ex-Boyfriends & Getting Hit With A Broom | Euromaxx

At this sauna in Finland, they’re making wedding preparations of a rather unusual kind. “That stings. Why does it have to hurt so much?” “I never promised you a rose garden!” “Sometimes life’s unpleasant.” Being struck with a bath broom made of birch branches is supposed to really hammer home the bridesmaids’ advice. In another […]

Winter Wedding Smokey Eye Makeup and Hair Tutorial

– Hi, my name is Angela and today we’re going to be doing a twist on the bold smokey eye. We’ll be using emerald greens and golds, which is perfect for the season and a winter wedding, whether you’re a bride or a guest. So, first we’re gonna moisturize. This season, it’s super important to […]

10 Things You Should NEVER Do As A Wedding Guest

10 Things To NEVER Do As A Wedding Guest As you sit down to write RSVPs to all the invites scattered in your living room, do you also question yourself if this is apparently the year everybody wants to get married? It’s gonna be hectic for you, going around shopping for gifts and stacking your […]