GRWM With My Dream Wedding Date | **NOT MY HUSBAND! 😮**

okay there’s an exciting day today I am going to a wedding event of a dear friend jazz we still work with me and I’m so excited to celebrate her but the real exciting part is that my plus-one is not going to be Gary tonight I’m gonna venture out to find my perfect wedding […]

Indian Wedding Makeup – Step by Step For Beginners in Hindi | Shruti Arjun Anand

You’ve seen so many bridal kits & also my videos too guys we bought all these products but getting confused like how to use them & what are the different looks we can create from these also I’ll tell you how can you use these products to create a beautiful bridal look first product that […]

I Said YES to The Ball Dress!

(upbeat music) – Ding, hello Hunnay, watch me Hunnay. (knocking) Hi, Lisa! Hi, Tyler! Ooh, I like your haircut. Wait, when I see this, this means like an exciting shipment is either coming or going for somebody. – Yeah, the exciting shipment’s in. Nine tenth’s yours. – Really? – And one tenth’s ours. – Wait, […]


Hi guys Kelsey here. So today I’m doing a old-school type of video I’m doing an empties video and I’ve been saying a few people request these Some of you have been messaging me saying that you want us to bring empties videos back and I know a couple of youtubers still Do them but […]

Get Ready With Me on My Wedding Day! | Soft Sparkly Bridal Makeup

Good morning everybody today I am doing Probably the most important makeup. I will ever do in my life my wedding day makeup Which means I probably shouldn’t be doing it at all. I should have hired someone but Okay, because I want to look like me just a slightly sparkly err version of me […]

The Best Dating Advice Ever #DEEP

Hello and welcome to the very first segment of deep conditioner, deeper thoughts where we pamper not only ourselves, but our minds Minds minds minds Today’s treat: tropic Isle living, deva curl and boscia. Links down below Today’s topic: Dating. Leave topic suggestions down below with #DEEP now let’s begin For what it’s worth, I […]

7 TIME Saving WEDDING Makeup & Hair HACKS | #GRWM #Haircare #Tips #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

get up.. only 15 hours left for that wedding party so get up fast and start getting ready now only 8 hours are left so start getting ready now I want you to got ready when I am home ok!! I am busy right now you take hours to get ready why didn’t you deny […]

DATE NIGHT 1 👫 Marriage Advice

whoa look at that handsome man that’s my date that is my date we hold on together look at this guy whoa whoa check out the outfit check out the shoes looking GQ no beard city that’s different I wanted to be back home in a few days because thinking about this how when we […]


funny it's crazy crazy busy but I just wanted to make this intro row short and simple because I didn't really make it in true when I was doing like the actual vlogging stuff so one I just wanted to say that um it kind of like stars like randomly like I started talking because […]

GRWM PROM VLOG ROUND 2 | Natasha North

okay guys what is up its Natasha here so I could tell that you guys really liked my last prom video so I'm like um if I'm going to another problem why would I not vlog it so yeah I'm gonna be vlogging this problem this is my boyfriend's prom so look not mine I'm […]