British Prom Vlog 2019 **GONE WRONG!!!!!

hi guys so today is the day of visually or from all let me show you guys were like a British prom is really like when your school's a bit crap and it's very empty so I'm gonna give you like the most realistic video possible so I went to foot park yesterday my hair […]


why is this thing so zoomed in zoomed in mom you're baiting out my scene letting everyone know what's really happening that's up hey wrong obvious you want to be in the locker they're speaking oh wow just talk to me doctor you say what nothing interested me they're asking you Harry oh my god […]

PROM 2k18 GRWM (watch me get lit)

worst day of my life | 2019 Prom Vlog (with footage!)

what's up guys it's sugar gorgeously Carla and in today's video we are going to discuss how my prom went as you guys can see by the title and the thumbnail probably did not turn out the way I wanted it to so if you're interested just keep on watching I'm gonna include pictures of […]

AMAZON WEDDING HAUL | Gifts & Wedding Day Necessities

hey guys thank you for watching today's video so it's currently wedding week so I'm not wearing makeup because I wanted to just give my skin the break all week and I think that will help it be extra glowy for the wedding day so that's lengthener makeup in today's video and I'm in my […]


BRITISH PROM 2019 … a lot of drunk teenagers lol

really are you gonna film you're intrigued like this Gemma hi just here the fan okay sorry good morning everybody a welcome back to my channel I know started a video like this before and I look rough today is my school prom and there's so many of you guys have been asking for me […]

Affordable Prom Makeup, Hair & Dress + GIVEAWAY

hi guys welcome back so now for you a makeup tutorial perfect for prom or any of these special events are coming up like graduation weddings all that fun stuff so I hope you guys enjoy stick to the end because there's a special surprise let's jump right into the mix as always all the […]