Mega Man X Legacy Collection (PS4) VS. Originals & X Anniversary Collection / MY LIFE IN GAMING

[ COURY ] For a while, things hadn’t been looking so great for the ol’ Blue Bomber, but now Capcom is celebrating Mega Man’s 30th birthday in a big way in the form of the long awaited Mega Man 11. Not one to be left out of the excitement, X get his his own due […]

How Not to Be Defensive in Relationships

We often operate in romantic life under the mistaken view – unconsciously imported from law courts and school debating traditions – that the person who is ‘right’ or has the stronger case should, legitimately, ‘win’ any argument. But this is fundamentally to misunderstand what the point of relationships might be. It is not to defeat […]

Family Farm – [Tutorial] Aquarium Part 1

Howdy Farmers! I’m Alex your host from the Family Farm studio. Ok, let’s see what we have today! But first of all, what’s on your mind if I say Fish? You know fish in the Fish Pond… Dishes? How would you like to keep some fish as pets? So in our brand new feature: the […]

Family Farm – [Tutorial] How to Work with Multi Plots

If you are having trouble working with multi plots, this video will show you how to use them Let’s start with the Plow and Move tools First click on the Plow tool Choose how many plots you want to work with And plow! It’s the same for the Move tool Click on the Move tool […]

What About Polyamory?

Why We Should Expect Less Of Love

It can feel very weird, and a bit threatening, to talk about taking the pressure off a relationship. Our collective, inherited Romantic culture likes to imagine functioning couples doing more or less everything together and being the centre of each other’s lives. The good couple is, we are told, one in which two people mean […]

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Here’s one way to find out!

I discovered how to track anyone or anything for about $25 bucks with this cool device. This Little Buddy Tracker combines GPS and cellular technology and will give you real-time location updates. Well, I wanted to get inside to take a closer look. There’s two security screws with the funny little heads but that didn’t […]

What True Love Really Is

The world is sick for a surprisingly modest-sounding reason: we don’t understand love – and yet we are rather convinced that we do. We talk a lot of love of course, but generally in terms of a dizzying rapture lasting a few months focused on someone’s beauty, intelligence and strength. The most convincing discussion of […]

How to Have a Good Conversation

“Old Boy… is it a guy trapped in a room?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah… basically. It has a twist– just wait for the end of it.” It can be painfully rare to end up in a satisfying conversation. A lot of the time, we talk and we listen, but sincere, deep connection eludes us. “Oil, the […]

VILLAINS The Next Level – The Mystery Box Unleashes HACKER! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Narrator] Previously on Villains. – Guys, it sounds like zombies. – [Mom] Guys? (scary sounds) – I think that we unleashed zombies. I know this game. This is zombie-based survival. I have to find the survival items to escape and get my family back. First Aid? Okay, guys, guys, I just found it. Okay, […]