[Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 – myungsoo, arrange a piece of music for EDM 20150725

He arranged this song based on EDM’s style. Let’s hear it. “Why won’t you dance, not even for a second?” -Isn’t this just IU’s song? -Just listen. It’s the song in his mind. “Can’t see your expression” Something is coming… “Black sunglasses. Black sunglasses.” This is… This is a little too much. “B, B, B, […]

The Failing Couples Of Facebook

We’re together yes, we’re dating and it’s going really bad But we don’t want all our friends to know that we are really sad I want to stick it to those bitches Pam and Kimberly from work if my mom finds out we’re splitting she will be a real jerk We both seem pretty sad, […]

[Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 – Sechskies Encore stage ‘Couple’ 20160430

[Heyecandan sıradan ayrılıyor] [Nereye gidiyorsun?] [Ah.. pardon…] Öncekinden daha iyi hissedeceksin Çünkü bütün boşluklarını doldurdum Bu güzel dünyada çok yalnız olmalıyım Diğer yarımı arayıp duruyordum Şimdi hepsi geçmişte kaldı Hayatımın geri kalanını seninle geçirmek istiyorum Bir rüyadaymışım gibi hissettiriyor Şimdi ben seninleyim, artık tek başıma değilim Oh aşkım, çok yalnız kaldım Beni bulman neden bu […]


oh wow first I get film at this window every single time I'm really sorry for the boring ugly da green bits my room so today I've got my prom my school prom my end of year is not actually whoops course I can Alex cool thing everyone's like a pro at this big won't […]

[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 349-1] | RUNNINGMAN Members sudden visit the Se Chan's house!(ENG SUB)

(The team which is preoccupy two samecolored countries will be the winner!) In case there's a bankruptcy team, the team will be lose, and one of them will be penalized. Play the roulette, quickly!/ I will play it. Please, 1 or 2… If you pick the wrong one,we will be bankruptcy… First, we will take […]

British people vs Foreign people on holiday – Michael Mcintyre

I want you to know when I discuss holidays with you that I love I love being here I love living here I love British people I am a British person I would live in that words I live amongst you I love you I'm looking at your little British faces and I want you […]

Flight to an unknown destination?!

we're up early weird one this week we are about to go on a flight to somewhere we have no idea it's a completely unknown destination it's a project with Whizzer basically they set up a fly and not told us where we're going right so we go into the airport yeah it's weird where […]

When Dad hacks the holiday washing 💦👙

so we went away last wait didn't we we had a little trip abroad we got a bit of Sun it was amazing what isn't amazing is the fact that we've been back a week and neither of us has had time to tackle the washing which is fine you know that's fine but my […]