The Rapunzel Family

COMM: Meet real life Rapunzel Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell who’s hair is an incredible seventy four inches long. The mum of five has been growing her locks all her life and her daughters Callan, Cendalyn and Chesney are following in her footsteps. Today they have more than thirteen feet of hair between them, and grooming […]

Why I Became A Hairstylist – Marriage Counseling

Hi guys and welcome to this video. Why i became a hairstylist? I get asked that all the time. I have answered briefly in some of my marriage, family and divorce videos. I have never went into that much depth with it. I became a hairstylist because my husband had an affair and left the […]

Side Braid Hairstyle For Party And Wedding,Tips by amal hermuz hair tv spain

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Boyfriend Chooses Girlfriend’s Haircut Style

hi I’m Roxanne hi my name is Wyatt today we’re gonna be playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets a haircut we actually met off of Instagram I was planning to go to UCLA so I clicked on the little hashtag everything’s for his leg bone and then I saw her picture like the first picture […]

Couple Picks Haircuts For Each Other

hi I’m Spencer and I’m Melina and today we’re gonna be playing rock paper scissors to see who gets their hair cut we’ve been together six months tomorrow but we’ve known each other for three years we were friends I was his RA last fall he got really drunk concerned me you know so now […]

bride has massive Hair Wig Out (ORIGINAL)

shut up after you approve yes sir you're fidgeting so much you look amazing put my work perfidia rad I'm cowboy I'm Esther yeah what's up no anger yeah booth you should be here well at Ford's for me honestly I haven't stopped eating all day and I'm still harvest I should be like playing […]

DIY Flower Crown / Headband | Bridal, Bridesmaids, Weddings

hey everyone welcome to my video I thought I'd film a quick DIY on how to create these really cute flower crowns I've been seeing around lately now they're great for summer festivals for weddings or just to recreate with your friends so I know you want to know how I did it so let's […]

He's in pain but can't tell us why

SENIOR PROM VLOG & GRWM + cutting my hair?!

hey guys it's the morning of prom right now I thought I'd just start my morning out with that easy peel-off mask and this is just because I got my last is done for prom and I've been self-tanning and stuff so I really shouldn't wash my face so I just thought it would be […]