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Should I Marry Someone I Don’t Love? | The School of Adam Saleh

ADAM:I can’t believe this is actually happening.I’m about to have an arranged marriage. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR:The School of Life is sending some of YouTube’s most popular creatorson a series of field trips,to explore philosophy’s most intriguing ideas.This time…♪ Just got home From Lebanon… ♪NARRATOR:…Adam Saleh, the 25-year-old New Yorker,best known for his hip-hop flavored […]

S2 E7: Is engagement the thing you’re avoiding that could change everything?

Hey, hey, hey, welcome to the crystal crawford show I’m your host crystal Crawford. It’s me and me today talking about engagement uh, I was gonna make this show about something a little more comfortable to talk about and I changed it at the last minute to Make it about something. I’m not so comfortable […]

Vantage Circle : The all-in-one Employee Engagement & Benefits Platform

In today’s workplace attracting & retaining Top Talent is one of the biggest challenges you face as a Manager or an HR Professional A latest survey by Glassdoor reports that nearly 79% of employees i.e 4 out of 5 would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase To stay competitive you as an […]

Management 3.0 Practice: Happiness Door Increases Employee Engagement

Would you like more joy in your meetings? Do you need faster feedback in your workshops? Or are you looking for a way to engage an audience? I once held a workshop with 20 people from the same company. The employees told me that their managers measured the happiness of the workers in that company. […]

S3 E4 Avoidance. Involvement. Engagement. Which one creates?

What’s Happening hi Welcome to the crystal crawford show. I am she the famous the one and only the only crystal Crawford Welcome to the show you guys It is live if you’re watching this in the future, this is not relevant But if you’re watching this today, it is July 24th. 2019. Hello? Hello […]

Inside London’s Hedonistic, Polyamorous Unicorn Movement

‘Sadhguru – More than a life’ – A Biography by Arundathi Subramaniam

The book had it’s beginnings in a walk that Sadhguru and I once took. We were walking around the Ashram I remember. I think it was sometime in 2006, and I mentioned to him that it was a pity that there wasn’t any real chronicle of his life available and it seems like such an […]