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Oh Helen hi oh I hardly recognized you he looks so so so low unexpected I truly loathe this place hard dad you look breathtaking you've packed on a few Manuel your adoptive parents down in LA other than Catholic yes his biological mother is very much a Catholic who just found out that she's […]


what's up guys it's olivia here and today I'll be showing you guys my summer room tour three two one and action Gracie puts together this little video of my past rooms it and I'm gonna see what they were like because I'm so young and nice like I don't even remember how many years […]

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damn here we go it's prom season it's coming up if you guys already had prom you know how embarrassing it can be how uneasy makes you feel but if you didn't have prom yet you're about to ask someone someone very special ring-ring now you guys know how my palm went my prom is […]


[Muziek] ja [Muziek] ja [Muziek] ja nou [Muziek] leuk [Muziek] nee [Muziek] ja [Muziek] ja [Muziek] nou [Muziek] goed [Muziek] nou [Muziek] ja [Muziek] he [Muziek] oh die en [Muziek] oh ja [Muziek] hoe de [Muziek] ah red bull [Muziek] het doet [Muziek] de [Muziek] in [Muziek] en en vergeet en [Muziek] [Muziek] het en […]

jesus' baby shower

we are here today to celebrate the life and the birth and the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are here with Mary the Virgin of course yes I'm a virgin never had sex before you know Immaculate Conception let me tell you all about the word Immaculate you know I don't […]