Where do you think you’re going? Only to the hottest concert in town! Not like that you’re not! But dad! Don’t you dare give me an attitude! MOM! Honey, just listen to your father Go to your room! Ugh! [Stomping] Give this video a thumbs up, if your parents have ever ruined your day Comment […]

April and Andy’s Surprise Wedding – Parks and Recreation

-Hi, guys. Remember how I told you there was going to be a surprise later? Well, the surprise is you are not actually at a dinner party. You’re at our wedding. -[ Laughs ] [ Applause ] -Alright, uh, let’s do this. [ “April Come She Will” plays ] ♪♪ -♪ April ♪ ♪ Come […]

Bad Instagram: The Gilgan Family

What’s up Greg it’s me Danny back with another episode of… The show when we look at what’s bad… On Instagram. I’m sure this is a feeling that lots of people have had before about specific accounts on Instagram But this account that we’re gonna be looking at today is So bad that I just […]

The ACE Family, David Dobrik, and More Are Back in ‘Ellen’s Booth of Internet Wonders’: Part 2

Do you remember this photo? [DINGING] Yes, I do. I just got my nose job right there. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Oh, I’m curious about this. OK. I want my celeb look-alike. [DINGING] Pf. Why did I know this was going to come up? It’s always either Ludacris or Tyga. I saw Ludacris at a Soho House […]

Most WTF Weddings Ever

facts first presents most WTF weddings ever number one the cat wedding this is one of the strangest wedding photos ever taken not only do the bride and groom have their faces painted like cats but the bride’s skirt matches the curtains behind her hopefully they didn’t make their guests wear cat face pain also […]

Dr. Dax Shepard Is Back with More Relationship Advice!

We are back with Dax Shepard. And we have discovered how strangely good he is at giving love advice. So it’s time for another segment of Ask Dr. Dax. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] It’s better and better. It has music, now. Yeah, yeah, it’s very love-making music. I’m going to make a– I’m going to make […]

My Family Answers Questions About Me

– Dad hurry up! (sparkling) (horse galloping) (laughs) – Okay, make room for her booty. – We good, we good, we good. – Okay, you don’t have to sit like that! She’s like… (soft chime) (laughs) What up everyone, it’s ya’ girl Superwoman. I know what you’re thinkin’, what the hell is going on, and […]

OMKalen’s Klass with K: College Tips from Kalen

Rise and shine. Class is in session. [MUSIC PLAYING] By now, some of you may have already been in classes for a couple of weeks or like my Alma Mater, T for Temple U, Temple University, you’ve been in class for one week now. Only 14 to go until winter break. Whoo! Let’s get to […]

How To Perform Oral Sex | Ali Wong | Netflix Is A Joke

– Do you know how long it took me to train my husband to eat my pussy correctly? (audience laughing) I’m not going back out into the world, find somebody new to coach all over again. (audience laughing) It’s too much work. All of that knowledge that my husband has now, all of that time […]