‘Sadhguru – More than a life’ – A Biography by Arundathi Subramaniam

The book had it’s beginnings in a walk that Sadhguru and I once took. We were walking around the Ashram I remember. I think it was sometime in 2006, and I mentioned to him that it was a pity that there wasn’t any real chronicle of his life available and it seems like such an […]

My Family Answers Questions About Me

– Dad hurry up! (sparkling) (horse galloping) (laughs) – Okay, make room for her booty. – We good, we good, we good. – Okay, you don’t have to sit like that! She’s like… (soft chime) (laughs) What up everyone, it’s ya’ girl Superwoman. I know what you’re thinkin’, what the hell is going on, and […]

Shaadi.Com Business Model | Case Study | How Shaadi.Com Earns | Matrimony Websites Business Model

This is the incident of 1996 When a person named Anupam mittal used to work as a product manager in USA and he was fed up from his work and wanted to do something in india Like i’ve told you before That in the year of 1995, 1996 Digital revolution was created New websites were […]

The life. Of married man | Why husbands have the photo of his wife in his wallet | Episode 11

Hey Nabil pass me the drive What drive In which we have the presentation for tomorrow Oh that Thank you That’s great You have your wife’s photo in your wallet Bro you know what Whenever I face problem in my life Then I saw my wife photo When I saw her photo Then I think […]


See if I have a problem in my [ling], how should I describe to my parents that I have a problem? I’m gay then just [exactly] taken with me anything you can go wrong in the future, Telugu, Malavika with You hey, what is happening beautiful people you’re watching India’s best read interview YouTube channel […]

If Couples Were Honest With Each Other (ft. Swoozie)

– Babe, how was your day? – You know, I’m really annoyed about something else, so, I think I’m going to start a fight with you. (sigh) – You wear too much cologne. I feel like I got pepper sprayed. – Um, honestly, you do look fat in that dress, I’m not even going to […]

Hindi VLOG | Love vs Arranged Marriage,Interracial Couples,Introduce Boyfriend to Family Advice

What’s up, guys, it’s Himani! Not many of you know that I speak Hindi. A lot of you had requested me to make a Hindi vlog. I get so many questions from you guys about some personal topics. So, today I’m going to go over your most frequently asked questions about Love Marriages, Arranged Marriages, […]

Our 1st wedding anniversary… UNEXPECTED CALL, Indian & Dutch MARRIED Couple Vlog #6

what I say I don’t know I’m really not good okay hi guys all right welcome back to our blog and today in our first marriage anniversaries something is special we going out for lunch because I was running reading any works for a ritual both together Indian and we celebrate with family at home […]

The life. Of married man | When you plan boys Movie night out | Episode 9

I just send the PDF file to our client Bro leave that life is getting extremely bored let’s plan a movie night out Yeah super idea I’ll call Raina to get ready Bro are you going nuts if we go on movie with her wife its 2 hours movie and they take 6 hours to […]

The life. Of married man | Things wife always say | Episode 8

Nabil’s Dad my feet swells milk is finish And sugar is also finish Gas is also finish If you are going for shopping don’t forget to buy some coriander leaves This is electricity still don’t forget to pay ok If you are going don’t forget to pay Nabil’s school fee and don’t forget to buy […]