Disneyland Resort 50th Anniversary Homecoming Television Commercial (2005)

[music]>>Goofy: Humm…>>Lago: You should have turned left at the pyramid. [sfx: motorcycle] Hey, we’re going to miss the anniversary. maybe we should dog paddling.>>Goofy: wow.>>Mickey Mouse: Sure you got everything?>>Goofy: Ready! [sfx: tires screeching]>>Donald Duck: Come on, move it!>>Lago: Hold your horses, I almost fell off that time. Say this herds moving kind of slowing, […]

Homemade Christmas Decorations!

– Merry Christmas, everybody! You’ve all been so patient waiting for my holiday craft videos to start, so let’s go. For today’s video, I redid my background to be all holiday themed. So I’m going to take you through all of the crafts that I made. But first, a montage. (holiday music) ♫ Singin’ that […]

Holiday Valley’s 60th Anniversary

Six decades, threescore and an amazing accomplishment from what our founders first started in 1957 to bring us to today. It’s hard to fathom that anyone could have anticipated the changes in Ellicottville and the changes at Holiday Valley over that duration. A miracle something magical actually transformed. Never in my life did I think […]

4th of July Decorations

this next project is a great way to finance endured the state table at your holiday parties who are going to have to stand up my brought delight barbecue tabletop they create and customize table object financial from within and for the 4th of july decorations thought it would be perfect frequent looked like fireworks […]

Christmas Home Tour 2018 | FARMHOUSE STYLE CHRISTMAS DECOR | Minimalist Christmas Decorations

Hey everyone, it’s Lisa from the blog FarmhouseOnBoone.com and today I’m excited to bring you around our home for Christmas 2018. So this video that I’m doing today is in collaboration with several of my other YouTube friends. And we are all gonna be sharing our home, part of it, all of it, for Christmas. […]

9. WITH FAMILY ⁄⁄ CatCreature

*screams* !! haha good save how was your day at the office? -it was good, how was your day at the office? I think I had a good day. I kept eating, I took a nap, now, since Tyler leaves work pretty late, it’s basically dinner time, I basically mooched off a veggie noodle soup. […]

Great Dane Surprised with new family! 🎅🐶Santa helps Goliath the dog get adopted! -As seen @The Dodo

A Walker Family Christmas 2019

[Intro Music – Sick Beat] Chillin’ at home with my pups baking cakes Holla at Wes to see if he’s awake Yo Wes! What up Betta? Walker Christmas, is it happenin’? You thinking what I’m thinking? CHRISTMAS RAP! Let’s get crackin’… Okay we have to go back one full year To recap all the memories, […]