Doppelganger destinations sell staycations to German holidaymakers

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this was just the beginning then we asked ourselves how can we bring even more relevance and attention to each comparison first we developed an algorithm that searches for look-alike photographs through Facebook data we found travel enthusiasts like Lucas who are interested in specific destinations geo-targeting pinpoints Lucas […]


morning guys we just wrapped up a really quick shoot with my sunglasses to let my blouse it's a very UK one and these gorgeous polka dot pants now we are going to new mums out then we're gonna go to Morgan Park and do Go Ape who knows go eight we're gonna do Kuwait […]

Learn French Holidays – Candlemas – Chandeleur

Holiday Card Series 2015 – Day 19

Hi everyone, Kristina here! Welcome to Day 19 ofthe Holiday Card Series. Today I'm going to be doing some painting using masking tape. I'm not going to be using any stamps for the images on this card. I will use a stamp for the greeting and I'll tell you what stamp set that is when […]


hey guys alright so that's not like a cheerleader hey guys alright so I am back here i JD tries to salon because your girl needs help alright so I've been trying to do to watch it go by myself it's not really working so I have come back to none other than the curl […]

Super Simple Handmade Holiday Cards | Monica Taylor

hi everyone my name is Monica Taylor now I'm here today to share with you a couple of stamp sets now scrapbook calm has come out with some really fun stamp sets for the Christmas season and a couple of the stamps that I decided to work with are the sassy Christmas stamps and then […]

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season! | Kimberly from Millennial Moms

– Hey you guys, welcomeback to Millennial Moms. I'm gonna give you guys some tips on how not to stress overthis holiday season this year. Okay, you guys, welcomeback to Millennial Moms. If you guys are new,we'd love for you guys to hit that red button and down below and join our family here as […]

My Favorite Holiday Appetizer & Skinny Cocktail

work smarter not harder in the kitchen follow my foolproof plan my no fuss no brainer and a little bit chic the perfect charcuterie platter with my signature skinny cocktail to pair at every great party there is a great charcuterie platter this platter has the main ingredients of three things to start with meat […]

The Holiday Card: The Movie (Official Trailer)

Why Halloween Is The Most Extra Holiday [GEN WHY]

-Can you eat candy all the timeduring Halloween? -Yeah, of course. -Breakfast? -Lunch and dinner. And second dinner, firstbreakfast, second breakfast… -Hi, have some candy! -Okay. -It’s almost Halloween! -Yes, it is! -They’re practically fruit, soit’s actually healthy. It’s okay — it’s almostHalloween. -Yesterday, we… -Sorry, I brought my own lunch. It’s Halloween. [moans] -I […]