The Gift | Mason Holiday Video 2018

-You guys have a great day. Thank you, you too. Buh bye, Enjoy! Hey! Hey! It’s so good to see you! You too! Hey Dad! Welcome home, Sam!-hey! So what’d you get me? Shh… It’s a surprise. Overnight please. Okay. [laughter] [doorbell rings] I got it. Hey Kay-What? Look. [Gasp] Wow! It’s perfect! Thank you! […]

SSSniperWolf My Closet Tour

hello friends it's me and today we are here in my bathroom so yesterday on my main channel I just finally uploaded a house tour after months of you guys asking me and months of wanting to do it and I felt like there was just so much to show you guys in the house […]


ela é uma idosa a dúvida é uma idosa da mota já percebeu que era uma velhinha da móoca não parece mas é você falar a turminha quando meus amigos ela fala turminha bem hoje ela me chama ae você viu mocinha ela fala assim comigo agora o valor vai catar coquinho e mais se […]

Tour of Our New Home- 2019 Dillard Family

hey so I wanted to give a quick tour of our home as many of you have been asking and I've been waiting to give it to her for a while because I thought oh I'm gonna get it all decorated and everything well it's been taking any longer so I just decided to go […]

VISITING BUGATTI! Chiron Factory Tour and Test Drive

hi guys I'm Shmi hello to you and welcome back to the channel where today you join me for a visit of one of the most iconic venues from the automotive world behind me is the famous château sands on the home of Bugatti today we're going to take in an experience of everything this […]

Tour pelo Apê 68m² #GabyNoDecorado #37 | Gaby Garciia

[Música] op pessoal tudo bem bem vindos a mais um gabíno decorado para quem não sabe o governo declarar que acontecem lá quase dois anos ea graça corretora até eu vou deixar o contato dela passa na tela se você quiser comprar ou vender o seu imóvel esse apartamento aqui ele tem 68 metros quadrados […]

DIY Boxwood Hedge Backdrop 🌷💖🌹 Weddings, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Floral Wall Decor

hey Lance thanks so much for tuning in integration and of ICA today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make this beautiful boxwood backdrop that I have right behind me this is my new studio space in this boat it is beautiful it is bright and I love it I wanted to create […]

Baby Shower In The Garage?!? | Beautiful DIY decor Transformation | Little Pumpkin Themed

hi everybody welcome back to my channel I am so excited to share this next vlog with you guys I did a baby shower in my garage yes I did and it came out beautiful clam B was to do it inside of my front room like I normally do but I didn't have to […]